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Access to Teacher App: Setup and Benefits

We introduce teachers to the “Teacher App” through which they can conduct their online classes smoothly and effectively. Over the last few months, we have been looking into various ways and tips that teachers can employ to make their online classes efficient. In this blog, we will be looking into a more specific and extremely useful application; The Teacher App by Bodhi AI.

Access to Teacher App: Setup and Benefits
Access to Teacher App: Setup and Benefits
Let’s start off with what the Teacher App is about:

Teacher App by Bodhi AI is an online platform that enables online teaching. Teacher App is a one-stop solution for conducting live classes, obtaining new students, conducting tests, managing online teaching and many more. Teacher App provides teachers with the necessary tools to teach engaging lessons, update students and build an interactive classroom environment. The app is extremely user friendly and allows the conduction of unlimited live classes.

The app is very beneficial for teachers and students alike. They can manage all the online classroom components through this one app. Online teaching might seem challenging but can be efficiently handled with the right tools and techniques. You can reach a wider audience with minimum expenditure and maximum efficiency. Teacher App consists of all the necessary features for your smooth and effortless conduction of online classes. Furthermore, it allows you to go beyond the syllabus and focus on important applications of the topic by providing you with features like automated attendance marking, online whiteboard, fee management, test conduction and grading tests and assignments.

How to begin with the Teacher App?

The first thing you require is a stable internet connection and a display screen like a mobile phone or laptop. The next step is to head over to the Play Store and type “Teacher App”. Once you install the app, you have to log in through your mobile number. Set up a password, choose your institute name and logo, and you get access to all the amazing and useful features that Teacher App offers. Once you create your teacher ID, this becomes your personal teaching app. You can share the link with your students for joining or directly add students to the desired course.

Teacher App offers many benefits. Below are some of the most important ones.
  • Simple Setup

Unlike other complex and technologically sophisticated platforms, the Teacher App is very easy to set up. Once you create your teacher ID with the institute name and logo, you send an invite to the students and approve the student's request to enrol them. The user experience with Teacher App is smooth and extremely convenient.

  • Conducting Live Classes and Recording

Teacher App allows you to conduct live classes with just a click. You can send invites to your students for joining the live class. Not just teach the class; you can record the live class for the students who miss it. The recorded video can be viewed by your students later. Additionally, you can manage your classroom and put the students on mute and change this as per your convenience.

  • Choice of Languages

With Teacher App, language is no longer a barrier. Teacher App provides the user with many languages to choose from and has made it more convenient. The app just became more efficient and accessible.

  • Content Sharing

Teacher App allows you to share content, be it study material or assignments. You can share any document with your students easily with the click of a button. Once you download the app, you can navigate your way easily since the app is extremely user friendly.

  • Analyzing Student Performance

Through various tests and assignments, teachers can assess students' achievement standards. This gives them an idea of ​​whether or not their teaching program is successful.

  • Share important dates

With the help of this app, you can share important dates with students. In addition to this, you can display the details of exams and other important daily events. Furthermore, it informs parents in advance of the dates.

  • Seamless Communication

Teacher App also facilitates smooth communication between the teacher and student. A live chat feature is present in the app that allows the teacher to communicate with any student they want to. The app also allows the teacher to make announcements to the entire batch instead of individually informing the students.

  • Free of Cost

You may assume that an app that offers so many benefits is expensive, but Teacher App is completely free! Teacher App is available in the Play Store free of cost for all teachers with an incredible feature for the conduction of smooth online classes.


Though online teaching is beneficial and has its perks, teachers often face their share of difficulties. Let a poor online teaching platform not be one of the problems, and hence, Teacher App by Bodhi AI will help you eliminate those issues and conduct a fruitful online class. The platform is available to everyone regardless of the institution's size, whether an independent tutor or a coaching centre. Teacher App is a simple platform that is easy to set up and provides the teacher will many beneficial features for online teaching. It is designed for the sole purpose of imparting knowledge and providing education.

The benefits, as mentioned earlier, are just a few among many. The app comes with many useful features required for an online class that a lot of platforms may not provide. The best part is, it is completely free of cost!

With the Teacher App, you can conduct and ace your online teaching with this user friendly, one-stop online teaching app. So, next time you think about the best online teaching app, you know the answer already!


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