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Basics Of The Teacher App - Making Your Classroom Functional

How Does Teacher App bring The Best To The Table?

Create a brand of yourself in the field of teaching. The teacher app offers all the services such as live streaming and note sharing for teachers. Teaching aids in form of whiteboards, digital cards. The Teacher app is the only app that offers all of its services without any additional charges.

Using this platform, tutors can make their reputation well-acclaimed by using the distinct in-built features that make it the best Teacher app. It allows the best possible mediums of functional aspects, for instance, the tutor can make use of announcements for solving previous years’ question papers.

Basics Of The Teacher App - Making Your Classroom Functional
Basics Of The Teacher App - Making Your Classroom Functional

Basics of The Teacher App

The use of the Teacher app is easy and quite simple to understand. One can start operating the app within a couple of hours of the registration. Let us see some basics of this app so as to learn how does it function.

The teacher app gives the tutor the authority to add students who are to attend the lectures. There are several features of the Teacher app of which some are listed below.

How To Add Subject In the Teacher App?

Since your profession may involve more than one subject, the teacher app provides an option to add multiple subjects. Here, professors can add the papers of previous years’, Ebooks, and a lot more.

In the student app, this section will be seen in three distinct tabs. This bifurcation allows students to clearly demarcate the various study topics and genres.

How To Create a Batch In the Teacher App?

To create a batch using the Teacher app.

  • Click on the ‘Create Classroom’ app.

  • You will be prompted to a dialog box where you need to add the list of students to the batch.

  • You will also see a pencil-shaped button on the screen after batch creation is completed. You can change the name with that button.

The batch gives an option to create a private channel for your students. Say, for instance, you conduct classes two times a day. The students would be different for both batches. This is where the option of batch creation can come in handy.

Batches are usually useful for teachers who teach multiple skills or all around the day to a large number of students.

How To Create A Course In The Teacher App?

The course creation tab helps to create a common section of subjects. For instance 2 of the 5 batches created need to study the first three of the six subjects created. Similarly, 3 of the 5 batches have to study the first five subjects.

So course 1 shall comprise of the first two subjects while course 2 shall comprise of the first four subjects. These courses shall be studied by batch 1 and 2 respectively.

How To Start Live Video In Teacher App?

Usually, the live video classes can be performed in one of the five ways :

  1. Start Live Video

  2. Live Video with Recording

  3. Youtube Live video

  4. Live Conferencing with recording

  5. Google meet or Zoom call

The live classes on this platform are a place where teacher and student can interact for doubt solving and test sessions. In this feature, teachers can use the whiteboard to annotate for the required topics.

Teachers have an option to record the video, which may be put in the recorded lectures section by the tutor. Also, the notes section can be pretty useful for important points jotting work.

Benefits of Teacher App

The Teacher app has immense features with a range of options to use in a proper way. Some of the benefits of the Teacher app have been listed below.


Adding subjects will be easy for now. The tricky part comes when time needs to be overcome. Students do not have to register in the student app. They may directly log in to their apps. This is possible if the tutor has added the student to the classroom.


The data that is stored on the Teacher app can be stored for free of cost. It offers unlimited cloud space to upload documents and conduct tests with all the upgraded features.

Also, it provides a brand image by creating an individual app of the tutor. Hence, it could be called a good tool for brand marketing.

Ads-free content

One reason why the Teacher app stands out is its ads-free content. Unlike other apps, there are no issues with the app's functioning. It offers a seamless service without any hassles of app malfunctioning due to an overload of ads or bugs.


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