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Benefits of School Management Software

One of the main responsibilities of school administrators is to manage the daily activities of the institution efficiently. Managing the day-to-day operations of a huge organization is very important and extremely challenging. Hence, most educational institutions depend on management software to enhance their efficiency. This software is called School Management Software or School ERP software.

School ERP software is a technologically advanced and real-time educational ERP system that allows educators to digitize the daily work processes of educational institutions. The software simplifies the complex administrative and non-administrative tasks like online admission, online fees management, examination management, assessments, timetable, teaching-learning, etc. Thus, the advantages of the school management system are numerous. The main objective of school management software to track and record the administrative part of educational institutions. Additionally, it helps the teachers maintain student records in a sorted and organized way.

Benefits of School Management Software
Benefits of School Management Software

School Management ERP system aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing efficiency and productivity. The solution is cloud-based and supports various advanced technologies such as – online payment gateway, recording attendance, biometric, information or announcement alerts etc. School management software is flexible and can be tailored according to the requirements of the institution.

In this blog, we will discuss the various advantages of school management software.

  • Student Records

One of the main benefits of school management software is the ability to store all students’ information. Educators can easily access all information regarding students by using this software. Student information includes students' grades, basic information, medical history, and family detail.

  • Parent Portal

Working parents often face the difficulty of keeping track of their ward's performance. They may always have the time to examine their child’s performance in academics or other activities. For this purpose, the educational institute has developed a separate portal for parents in the school management system that makes the work easier for them. They gain insight into their child's performance through these portals and school apps. Additionally, it also informs parents about the upcoming meetings and events conducted by the school.

Advantages of parent portals:

  • Parents can track their wards’ performance

  • Updates on PTA and academic report cards

  • Real-time provision of attendance

  • Communication with teachers

  • Parent-Administration Communication

It is extremely important for the parents to stay informed and updated with the administration's information. The smooth flow of information and effective communication between the school administration and parents promotes student success. School management systems have portals for such important communication between parents and school administration. Communication takes place through emails, text etc., in the portal.

  • Monitor Teachers

The administration can track the activities of the teachers through ERP software. They can monitor their class schedules and attendance through the software. Additionally, they can file reports through the school management system. Moreover, administrators can suggest changes in the teaching methods to improve the overall academic results and quality of education.

  • Tracking Attendance

Taking and tracking attendance is a crucial task for teachers. Some institutions even mark students in attendance. If a class has a large number of students, recording attendance becomes challenging for teachers. With the use of ERP, the process has become easier for teachers. It maintains the daily attendance record of every student and can be accessed whenever required. ERP allows them to track and record attendance in a few clicks.

  • Managing Timetable

Timetable management is important and cumbersome when an institute offers various subjects and has a large number of faculties. There can be clashes in timetable schedules which can be tedious if done manually. With the help of ERP software, such clashes can be avoided, and smooth functioning of timetable schedule can be achieved.

  • Fees Management

The school management system allows for the online collection of fees from students. Gone are the days when parents had to go over and complete the payment physically. They can pay their child’s fees in a few simple steps using the software. Moreover, they get multiple payment options like card payments or UPI to pay the fees. ERP software makes the process of fee payment and tracking hassle-free for parents.

  • Study Material Sharing

With the help of the ERP software, teachers do not have to share materials individually or even form groups on other online platforms. They can share study materials and multimedia content with any number of students through the software. As a result, students can access the materials from a common platform. ERP software promotes student engagement and interactive learning through high-quality videos, good infographics, and animations. Additionally, it helps students focus and learns complex topics.

  • Online Assessments

To understand a student’s performance in class, teachers must evaluate their learning process. Teachers set various online assessments and assignments to assess their performance. ERP allows teachers to use rubric-based assessments to get better academic results.

  • Academic Reports

An academic report is a very significant part of a student's life as it reflects student performance during the entire academic year. A school may contain a large number of students. Assessing papers and preparing mark sheets can become tedious and time-consuming for educators. ERP software can streamline the process of generating report cards through an interactive database.

The school management system or ERP software is extremely beneficial that facilitates online admission, HR, payroll management, and even digital libraries. The benefits mentioned above should encourage every school administration to invest their money in such software for the smooth functioning of the institution.


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