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How Does the Teacher App Work?

Schools and coaching institutes need to see enough student data to manage school activities in an orderly fashion. To simplify the student data management process, many schools/colleges or institutions are investing in high-performance Teachers' apps. Cloud or web software allows you to store and organize student data in a central database so you can quickly access, modify or update the data when needed.

The Teacher app streamlines the data management process and saves you a lot of time. In addition, the risk of human error is reduced. The best thing about Teacher app software is that it can be accessed anywhere 24/7. The software also includes a number of features needed to facilitate school management. Now that you know what Teacher app software is, let's tell you the benefits of using the Teacher app of Bodhi AI:

How Does the Teacher App Work?
How Does the Teacher App Work?
Build Your App With Name & Logo

The Teacher app allows you to create your app with your name or logo which will benefit students to access your app easily.

Admission Management

The Teacher app also controls the admission process effectively. The software handles the application process, admission process, documentation, exam schedule, and interviews, as well as various other things, which minimizes workload.

This app also allows students and parents to complete the questions as they see fit. This means that students and their parents do not want to have to wait in line to register or receive admission applications while doing everything online.

Keep students informed

The Teacher app also manages all information on student attendance, test information, grades, employment, academic history, curriculum information, project information, results, medical reports, addresses, accounts, and much more. It also allows teachers to easily access all student-related information.

Improve communication

The Teacher app facilitates smooth communication between students and teachers, parents and teachers, as well as between students. Those days are gone when teachers send notes to parents in school diaries. Through this app, teachers can keep parents informed about important school events such as parental meetings, sports days/birthday events, etc. The software also allows teachers to send instant updates to parents on going to class, performance complaints, warnings, student buses, incoming school buses, and many more via SMS or email.

Secure & Privacy

The Teacher app is more secure and reliable than handheld information. This app stores student data on cloud-connected servers to protect your files. In addition, the login service prevents you from accessing too many unauthorized personal files. The software provides many automatic data backups to ensure that you do not lose your valuable files. In addition, automatic security updates prevent cybercriminals from accessing the software.

Solved Student’s Query

Bodhi AI Teacher app also facilitates smoother communication between teachers and students by enabling them to work across the four walls of the classroom. The software communicates through an online application where teachers can answer students' questions instantly & Whenever students get any query you can solve them.

Upload Notes Easily

Notes can be a great challenge for students with learning difficulties. This app can help teachers as well as students. Teachers can upload notes easily in this app & students can download them.

The most important note-taking skills include good listening, clear writing, organized lists, and opening notes. Some students are not good with all skills simultaneously. That's why this app provides a facility to upload notes which will help the students.

Take MCQ & Subjective Test

Technology has changed our lives in many ways. It also affects how we think. 10 years ago, if someone told you that you could take a test and participate in the comfort of your own home, would you believe it? But look where we are now. Online exams, online courses, and online teaching materials have become an integral part of our lives. Therefore this app provides you the facility to take students’ tests whether it is subjective or MCQ-based.

Easily Supervise Multiple Batches

The Teacher app allows you to manage multiple batches to provide a flexible learning experience for students. This software allows you to customize different systems between batches so that unity and solidarity between batches can be maintained.


These are some benefits you can gain by using our Teacher app. If you want to increase the productivity of your academy, it's time to use this effective software as needed in the age of digital transformation.


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