Why content security is important!

Web security for online coaching classes content is an advanced technology in today's generation.

Well, we all are crossing through the dilemma, where conducting online classes is the only source left to spread education among the students, after all, teachers

need their students to rise above.

We all are aware of the fact, how teachers upload the content online so that we

get that easily.

However, do you know, the content you uploaded can be hacked

by someone with great ease? Presented below, is mentioned a descriptive summary for the same and the various means through which you can easily save your data.

Is It Important To Have Web Security For Online Teaching?

Well, when it comes to secure the uploaded data, then it’s assuredly important to

have web security. Without any web security, there are several chances for

several hackers to get access to sensitive and important information.

Apart from this, web security itself contains many important benefits.

Some of them are described below for you.

Importance Of Content Security For Online Teaching

There are several benefits of content security in online teaching. Some of them

are clearly mentioned below:-

It Saves Money And Time

Undoubtedly, safe and secure content reduces insurance, compensation,

liabilities, and various other expenses that someone has to pay to its

stakeholders. All these things together create great revenue and thus there's a

great loss in operational charges. Keeping the content security reduces all these

things and hence it saves our money and time.

Keeps Your Data Flowing When You Need It

Another thing that comes forward is that it keeps your data safe and flowing

whenever you need it. The best part is that you can easily search and get the

content whenever you required it.

Content Security Gives Good Aspects

There are various important elements that content security contains. They are,

Visibility, Mitigation, Prioritization, and Encryption. These elements are quite

important in every online class, that can be provided only by content security.

So, they are the best aspects of online security for content.

Apart from teachers, online security is much more good for students as well. A

short summary of that is mentioned below:-

Importance Of Online Content Security For Students

Recently, cyber security is found good for students as well. Undoubtedly, this

brings along great benefits for students. Students can now keep themselves

up to date, have the training from good faculty, can access control, and can

easily spread awareness.

Security Provided By Bodhi AI Online Coaching Apps

The securities that you have from Bodhi AI apps are mentioned below,

No One Can Screenshot From The Account

Well, taking screenshots is the best possible way to store data on the mobile. The best part of our online coaching apps is that no one can have a screenshot from the entire content.

Downloaded Data Will Be In The App Itself

The downloaded videos by any students will always be there in the app, and will not be saved in the gallery.

No Student Can Have The Link For The Video

The app doesn't provide the link for any video and thus the link and video can't be sent to anyone except the person who has access to it.

How To Secure The Content ?

There are various ways through which you can easily save your online uploaded


The easiest and most common approach is disabling copy of your content. It

can be easily done by disabling copy and right-click.

Use watermarks on your content, so that no one can misuse your content.

Put a valid username and password on your content.

Keep an eye out for duplicates of your content.

And best of all, get your own trademark.


Well, it’s really important to secure your content in online teaching, after all your

efforts are ultimately for you themselves. So, put in a little more effort and secure your content.


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