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Sir Parag Raut, Story of a Teacher, Kindling the Fire of Knowledge

"A pandemic changed it all" the first line we got to hear when we spoke to Sir Parag Raut.

Life after pandemic is no more same for any of us. But for teachers it can be considered as the biggest challenge of their lives. Creating 'new normal' in education system was almost impossible. But for a teacher with passion, no obstacle could stand harder than his spur. What is the backstory of this 'new normal' teaching? What was the inspiration? Was it really hard to achieve? Let's hear the story of Sir Parag Raut, who stood in crisis to keep education alive.

Parag Sir, an ordinary teacher with extraordinary talent, started his journey by teaching students of engineering. Having a strong engineering background helped him to grow in this field. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering. But going against the typical social boundaries he chose not to take a job. Rather he listened to his heart and started preparing to accomplish his childhood dream of becoming a teacher. Although at initial stage he taught subjects from his core background of engineering, i.e. mechanics, strength of materials, theory of structure and applied electronics. With his unique style of teaching, he made an achievement of yielding toppers of renowned universities many times. But since he is one who believes in breaking boundaries, out of his established comfort teaching stream, he decided to run a Physics coaching. That decision became a milestone in his teaching career. He set up a whole new institute and named it 'PRISM IIT AND MEDICAL ACADEMY'. A lot of children got influenced by his supreme teaching techniques and joined his institute. Till the date Parag Sir has taught around 15000 students. Many of his students scored 100/100 in board physics exam many are selected for GMC and NITS AND IITS, he said "One of the best physics NEET Score of my student is 171/180 and last year two IIT selections at IIT MUMBAI AND IIT DHANBAD", and all these added another feather in his cap.

But, the last year, year 2020 forced the world to stop. And only few showed the courage to keep running. We can definitely say Parag sir is one of them. The pandemic has recalibrated how teachers divided their time between teaching, engaging with students, and administrative tasks. As others, Parag Sir also found it very difficult to continue teaching and taking classes during that period. So he decided to shift online. But he couldn't find a suitable platform that can fulfil all his requirements at once. And then with the help of social media he came to know about Bodhi AI, with a lots of hope and greater expectation, he chose Bodhi AI to set up his online coaching institute. Fortunately his problems were solved. He started teaching online, no more the pandemic could restrict Parag sir's determination. He said "Bodhi AI is very nice and easy learning app it helped us a lot in pandemic to keep studies uninterrupted". Parag sir started uploading video classes, assigning online tasks, taking live classes, counting attendance of each student, offering online fee payment and found online teaching way easier. Thus he made a crucial contribution to ensure the continuity of teaching and supporting the education is crisis.

Having a teacher like Parag sir is nothing but a blessing for the society. Parag sir is someone who gives his highest effort to make teaching and learning much enjoyable and student's success gives him an immense joy. We are lucky to have a teacher like Parag sir, who kindles the fire of knowledge and shows everyone the path in the dark.



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