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The Possibilities that Live Classes Offer


Live face-to-face sessions, whether from the comfort of your own home via a screen or in a physical classroom, are the most effective way to study. Live classes make learning far more participatory, and they offer the impression that the teacher is present with them, especially in an online situation. However, live classes can't do everything. Other than serving as a digital classroom for online learning, live online classes can do the following.

The Possibilities that Live Classes Offer
The Possibilities that Live Classes Offer
Sessions of Combined Study

Many students find combined study sessions to be extremely beneficial and efficient. It simplifies the process for them because they will share the same sense of oneness and belonging being in the company of their peers All they have to do now is go onto their online learning platform and begin the course


This is particularly important for two reasons:

While many students enjoy conducting combined study sessions with their classmates, it may be unpleasant for them because they live in different parts of the city and commuting to a similar venue may be difficult for them.

Students can use online classrooms to hold combined study sessions while the pandemic crisis is still being dealt with.

Because of its minimal bandwidth demand, the Teacher’s app can be used from even the most rural corners of the country, even if there is little or no mobile phone coverage in that location In a combined study session, this is highly useful.

Session of Doubt

Clearing doubts in today’s online age would require calling your teacher and asking them over the phone. With an online education tool like Teacher’s app, you can utilise the same online classroom to ask your teacher or professor any questions you have and have them answered right away. This is made even easier by the fact that the student and the teacher can see each other in real time, so if they have any questions during the doubt-clearing session, they may use Teachers app hand raise tool to ask them.

Simple Revisions

Teachers can organise revision sessions and quizzes using the same live class capability. This is the point at which The live poll feature of the Teachers app is one of the most intriguing features of the app. The Live Poll function is available to teachers in the classroom. Understanding what the feature accomplishes is fairly basic - in the middle of the class, the teacher can pose a question with a fixed length of time, at the end of which the instructor will be able to view the choices the students have made and how many got the answer right.

Events at School/College

Just because they can't meet doesn't mean they can't have a good time! Teachers app can be used by teachers to organise events like talk shows, awareness talks, and other activities at their schools and institutions. They'll be able to live happily ever after Thanks to the hand raise and fast poll features, students may have a fun interactive session.


Teachmint can be used for a lot more than just teaching. There are numerous aspects that make the online classroom experience for students far more dynamic, intriguing, and enjoyable. Feel free to use your imagination to come up with more applications for these features. It's never been easier or more personalised to learn, so head over to Teachers app and design the class of your dreams.


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