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Turn Your Skills Into ONLINE COURSES

How To Turn Your Skills Into Online Courses And Earn Money Easily?

The COVID-19 outbreak has raised the state of affairs, which isn't easy to reimpose.

The complications of the dilemma have risen to such heights that a common

man to a highly professional human being is getting a monotonous lifestyle. Let's

hope, everything comes to the proper level once again and all becomes fine.

Well, More or less we all need something to cheer ourselves up in this tiring

lockdown. Undeniably, we all have some unrevealed skills inside us, that we

haven't exposed yet. Undoubtedly, this is the right season to explore yourself

and turn your hobbies into good services for your good sake, after all, it's a

great slot to earn money as well. In simple terms, you can easily convert your

talent in the online course and earn some pennies.

First of all, you just have to spot comfortable skills, in which you have a

specialization, it can be from music to fine arts, from writing to digital media,

etc. You may even visit various sites on the internet and YouTube to seek

information regarding your profession.

Social media is found as the best platform nowadays to present your

capabilities. You can easily go and deliver your prepared videos, posts, creative materials, and other stuff so that your targeted audience and other people can easily go through your content. After all, you don't need to be professionally fit

in the environment of teaching or training in order to perform online on the


Your Targeted Audience

Another fortunate of generating the online course is that you are free to have

your target audience. Well, your content will provide you with the best

opportunities to gain an audience. Anyone can like your skill and would love to

be a participant in your class. All you have to do is, just focus on providing the

best affair to the environment.

Best Way To Deliver The Content

Well, assuredly, you'll prepare something best from your talent. But there are

certain articles that your public may love to see. So, to attract the audience, you

must follow the following steps to pursue your service,

⦁ Length must be as per the requirement of an individual. The length of

your lecture must be short and precise so that your audience feels

comfortable attending.

⦁ Videos must be attractive, followed by interactions and guided tutorials.

⦁ Each module should be summarised and accompanied by fact sheets and


⦁ Keep in mind that you choose your domain name that sounds short and

easy to remember and relevant, cause you can capture an entire

category with a clever domain choice.

⦁ By going according to these guidelines, you'll surely proceed further with

a good thriving online course.

In a conclusion, we would like to deliver you that it's good to get up and start

something new, rather than sitting ideally and waiting to see what's next moment

brings to you. So, step out off your feet and show out your hidden capabilities

with zero remorse.

In this way, you can create an online course with videos, texts, pdfs images, etc. BodhiAI's platform is the ideal platform for this. All your contents are stored in a secured cloud. Sell your courses online or to classroom students. Upsell courses by bundling with mock tests. Payments will be transferred directly to your bank account.


Teacher Community of Bodhi AI

Start your classes online in just 2 minutes. Empowering teachers/ coaching/ school to teach the way new India learns. We help teachers to conduct online classes and create a best learning app.

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