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In recent times, video conferences are being used as a necessity rather than a luxury. It is utilized in various industries for the smooth functioning of communication. Video conference has been a boon and found their most useful in the world of education. Traditional classroom learning has been replaced by online learning in the current challenging times. This has allowed students to reach beyond the physical classroom and gain access to much more educational resources. One of the greatest benefits is that visuals are always better perceived than text, and hence, students are able to retain knowledge and information to a higher capacity. Not just in the world of education but also in other industries like businesses, video conference is a source of communication among people living far apart.

Video conference has many benefits like connecting people; making work easier and possible from a remote location, enhance productivity and reduces procrastination, conducting classes, business meetings and job interviews. In addition to these, the technology is very accessible, cost-effective and makes departmental collaboration easy.

So, what is exactly a video conference?

Video conference can be viewed as a technique of online meeting that connects people in a real-time live audio-visual call. People can see and hear each other even from miles and miles away. All you need is a good internet connection. In education, video conferencing is used to teach and present educational material, while in business, people generally use video conferencing to communicate and collaborate within and outside the organization. You just need an appropriate video conference software or app to access all its benefits.

Through this, people involved in the call can see, hear, and talk to one another no matter which part of the world they reside. The Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP enables voice communications over the internet and powers video conferencing. VoIP is based on special algorithms known as CODECS to transmit audio and video signals between two areas.

How is a video conferencing app beneficial?

Before diving deep into the aspects of video conferencing, it is important to understand what makes a video conferencing app extremely advantageous. The most significant part of a video conference is the video quality. Without a good video, the meeting is rendered non-functional. Hence, a video conference app should facilitate smooth and cost-effective long-distance calls, clear communication and improve collaboration. Everyone can use video conferencing to conduct or be a part of a contest, meeting or presentation. Video calls have dismissed the physical presence and help in the smooth functioning of an event or organizing from a remote location. Video conferencing has also made work from home easy and helped people keep their employment during these challenging times. Video conferencing has dismissed the need for an in-person presence in both small and large gatherings, making everyday schedules more convenient for everyone involved, improving client relationships, and securing open and reliable collaboration and communication between the employees.

In addition to uninterrupted video connection, the video conferencing app must have the following features:

1. A high-quality and consistent audio-visual

2. The features in the app should be accessible and easy. The join and end call buttons should be clear and simple.

3. Scheduling meetings should be quick and easy.

4. In a good video conferencing app, meetings should be added to the calendar in a quick and easy manner with an understandable and easy link to the joining button of the meeting.

5. The video conference app should have basic features like chat, present screen, mute, add participants etc.

6. The best apps include whiteboard and other writing features.

7. It should also include features for collaboration.

8. A smooth and uninterrupted interface that provides the user with basic features like accepting and declining the call. Additionally, it should provide volume control, mute option, and audio settings relating to device speakers or headphones.

9. The app should allow the user to switch between the camera and other tabs without disconnecting the call.

10. One important feature the app should have is allowing the user to record the video conference. Recordings will help those who couldn’t join the meeting and if the call needs to be viewed again. It should be as simple as clicking a button to record a session.

11. The app should allow people outside the organisation to join the meeting with just one click easily. However, there should also be security features to keep the unwanted participants away (this can be done by a simple feature of allowing or declining participants to enter the meeting).

12. The app must also allow a large number of people to attend the meeting (a good capacity for the meet).

The security feature is the most significant aspect of any application. A video conferencing app is very personal with identity and is an important factor that influences an individual’s decision to use a platform. It is essential for the app to prove that the application is completely safe and secure for usage.

What are the requirements for conducting a video conference?

There are certain pieces of equipment that are necessary for uninterrupted and clear video conferencing:

  1. A display screen – Laptops, desktop monitor or even a phone. Any screen that allows for a high-quality video display

  2. In-built features – In-built webcams, camera and a microphone for audio-visual. The app should also allow for USB microphones and cameras to enable the smooth exchange of audio and video.

  3. Speaker – The app should also have an internal speaker and allow for an external speaker as well. It should consist of a VoIP conferencing phone to ensure that the audio can be heard clearly.

  4. Internet connection – For a smooth video conference, a strong and stable internet connection is a necessity. WiFi or ethernet is highly recommended instead of data to allow hassle-free communication.

  5. Quality features – The app should consist of features that make the call productive and the collaboration successful.


Video conferencing is extremely advantageous because calls can be conducted between people from all over the world and allow for effective collaborations. This indicates that the call consists of lesser unproductive conversations and good usage of the allotted meeting time. In the world of teaching, both the teacher and the student greatly benefit since the app allows for long-distance communication, including learning the subject and clearing doubts. Not just for teaching or learning, video conferencing apps include the ability to conduct administrative work of the institution, conduct parents-teacher meetings, and hold periodic faculty training and staff meetings. These apps are especially essential for working parents and working students who can easily record sessions and revisit them at their convenience. In these times of remote learning and social distancing, such apps increase collaboration and communication between the teachers and the students. In addition to these benefits, it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends, family, coworkers and fellow students without the physical presence.

With the advancement of technology and the shift in lifestyle from offline to online, it is essential to understand the importance of a video conferencing app. Understanding the benefits and the requirements for such an app will allow the user to connect with people from long-distance with just a simple click.


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