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21 Best Apps For Teachers

21 Best Apps For Teachers
21 Best Apps For Teachers

Teachers undergo various things in order to create wonderful content for students. Since the online classes have started, a teacher needs to develop the skills more efficiently, so that things come out really great. Well, it's a fact that a teacher needs to work a lot in order to create the best things for students. How wonderful it would be if teachers get some wonderful applications and get free from their daily hectic schedule!

So, presenting you some of the best applications for teachers that will surely found the best.

21 Best Apps For Online Teaching

Here's presenting the list of the 21 best applications for teachers.

1. The first best application for teachers is Pocket. Through this app, teachers can easily make videos as it provides perfect content for the teacher's sake.

2. Another best app that comes out for teachers is Haiku Deck. This application helps teachers in creating VOW presentations for their students, anywhere and anytime.

3. TED is another great app for teachers as it includes various lectures that may help teachers to create wonderful content for their students.

4. Duolingo is yet another wonderful application found for the benefit of teachers. This app is promoted for language learning. So, if teachers are interested to teach their students different languages, then they may use this easily.

5. Another profitable application for teachers is the Google Platform. This application helps teachers in conducting classes easily and beneficially and thus it saves a lot of time.

6. Evernote is another wonderful application for teachers, as it helps in noting down everything quite easily. Hence, a teacher does not need a pen or paper in order to note something really important and hence saves time.

7. Another best app is Explain Everything Whiteboard. This helps in explaining students more easily, unlike the videos. The videos actually create quite a mess and students aren't able to understand things properly. However, the whiteboard will surely help them to understand better.

8. Study Blue Flashcards & Quizzes is another best application for teachers. Teachers can easily create some amazing content through the respective application and hence can create a lot of material for students easily.

9. Another best app is Edu Creations, which helps teachers in creating tutorials for students as it contains a whiteboard. Hence easy teaching and the best way to learn.

10. Dropbox is yet another best app for teachers that helps them in storing and uploading the data for students in order to give them nothing but the best. Hence, data storing will become easier and beneficial.

11. Another application for teachers is Slack. This application helps teachers in conversating with students as well as parents.

12. Classdojo is another best application for students as well as for teachers. Through this app, teachers can conduct the class and send messages to students privately as well as publicly.

13. Remind: School Communication is another best application for teachers in order to teach students and communicate with the school. This app had made the teachings quite simpler.

14. Another application is Schoology. Schoology works as an effective educational app for teachers by letting teachers and students post assignments, projects, videos, completed works, links, etc.

15. Edmodo is another application for teachers. It helps teachers in sending assignments to students after their classes are over. Hence, no mess up at the last minute.

16. Socrative Teacher is another wonderful application for teachers that helps them to simplify grades and reports. Hence it became easier to send report cards.

17. Another application that was found beneficial for teachers is Moodle. Here teachers from anywhere can take online classes and students can attend these classes and give feedback.

18. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard App is another profitable app for teachers. This helps in explaining students more easily, unlike the videos. Hence, learning and teaching will become more interesting and easier.

19. Another beneficial application for teachers is Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes. This helps in creating online games for teachers that may help in involving the engagement of students in the class.

20. Planboard – Free Lesson Planner for Teacher is found a great app for teachers as through them, they can easily plan the lesson and classes for the students. Thus it became easier for them to take classes and plan accordingly.

21. Teacher's App is another best app for teachers. Well, a teacher can have great benefits from the same as all she needs to do is take class. Rest of all will be done by the app itself. Best thing about this app is that everything is automatic. So, for a teacher, it will become easier to go further with great experience.

So, these are some of the best applications for teachers, that have served their best and made their works easier.

Can A Teacher Create Her/ His Own App?

Absolutely, A teacher can create her/his own application, by just going through various application-creating platforms. One of them is Bodhi Ai, which will surely help them in creating a wonderful platform for students in order to learn things properly and beneficially. Moreover, the application is quite good for teachers as many things are automatic and easy to handle with it's inbuilt features.

So, have a visit on Bodhi Ai Platform and create your own application.


Well, the applications are really wonderful and quite useful for teachers. So, go ahead and use them if you are a teacher and get free from a hectic schedule.


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