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5 Reasons to implement An ERP Software for School, College, or University Administration in 2022

ERP or Enterprise resource planning is software used by organizations to manage their day-to-day activities, such as customer management, staff management, accounting, or project management. The purpose of an ERP is to collect, store, manage and interpret data of the organizations, to make the work process easier and faster. The ERP software market has seen tremendous growth over the past few years due to numerous benefits provided by it, let that be increased efficiency, low operational cost, easier resource management, or increased accessibility.

In the education industry, ERP software has been creating a strong influence for the past few years, the reason being schools, colleges, or universities collect a ton of data about students, staff, alumni, fees, lesson plans, or similar assets every year and ERP helps them to use the collected data is the most efficient way. Since the covid going digital is the key to surviving in the competition, and ERP is a major step in it.

ERP helps an educational organization to enhance its outcome, improve connectivity, improve resource management, similar admission process, and so on. ERP is currently used by many top Indian educational organizations; few of them are IITs, AKTU, Birla Medisoft Medical College, and Pune College of Engineering.

In this blog, we will overview five reasons to implement ERP software in school, college, or university administration in 2022=>

1. Digitalization=> One of the major benefits of ERP software is being able to digitalize the organization's functioning. ERP helps in digitalizing the admission process hence making the process of admission easier, and fast. ERP helps the organization to easily manage their record and resources. The process of managing records and resources manually is both slow and difficult and also the data is not easily accessible, therefore ERP is used to digitally store and manage the data making the process faster and easier and also increasing data accessibility. It also helps to digitally provide lesson plans to teachers and study materials to students.

2. Cost reduction=> Cost reduction is one of the primary goals of any organization. ERP fulfills this demand by increasing productivity and decreasing the number of employees required for a task. ERP digitalizes the process of resource management, admission, record management, and accounting. This decreases the workload and can be performed by a small team. Most of the data is stored in local or cloud storage, decreasing the need for materials like paper and files to store the information physically, hence saving money. ERP also saves money by eliminating the need for separate software in different departments. ERP helps in error reduction which ultimately is one of the best methods for cost reduction.

3. Better connectivity=> ERP provides a one-stop solution to connect students, staff, alumni, and parents. Good internal communication is a basic requirement for any organization to succeed. ERP helps to maintain communication between students, staff, alumni, and parents. ERP helps to establish better connectivity in the following ways; All the data is stored at one location, which means that any person affiliated with the organization can easily access information about any department, any event or activity, and even about another member of the organization, ERP also helps the organization to overview the performance of their students and staff, enabling them to micro-manage them individually, therefore, increasing connectivity among time.

4. Student management=> ERP helps an educational organization manage its students from the very first stage of admission. ERP helps to manage student attendance digitally, making processes like activity monitoring, and generating attendance reports fast and easier. ERP helps to simplify the process of admission, as details of students are directly added to the server, making the process easier. ERP also helps to track the fee payment of every student. Have they paid full fees, how much is due, when is it due, and so on? ERP helps the student to see their process, result, and syllabus with help from the staff. ERP software is also used to distribute important news, material, and details among students.

5. Staff management=> ERP helps to simplify the complex and difficult process of staff management. An educational organization can have more than a hundred different employees depending on its size. It helps the Human resources department to keep track of staff details, attendance, and salary. ERP also helps an organization track performance of their staff, by creating reports of performance automatically. It helps to assign teachers to classes depending on their skills and background. It helps an organization to overview the lesson plan designed by a teacher. ERP reduces the time needed to implement a strategy, and also makes the connectivity between staff easier and better.

The all-mentioned are the reasons to implement ERP software in a school, college, or university administration system. In this modern era, it's necessary to digitalize the operations of the organization to survive, hence an ERP should be used to not only digitalize your organization but also to make operations easier and faster.


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