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6 Reasons to Start Teaching Online

6 Reasons to Start Teaching Online

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions as it gives an opportunity to make an impact on future generation. Of course it is very difficult and challenging as it takes lot of patience, dedication, passion and ability to do more with less. But what if other hurdles occur in the path? Well the same has been faced by teachers in this pandemic situation. So without a second thought Online Teaching is the all in one solution of these problems.

But in India, a lot of misconceptions regarding online teaching exist among people. Almost every Indian trusts only on traditional classroom teaching. Although this current situation made it way easier to shift from offline teaching to online teaching and most of the users found it as a boon.

So as a teacher one must look for some genuine and strong reasons for shifting to online teaching, here are some justified reasons why one should go for online teaching.

1.Teach and Learn Any Time Any Where

A typical classroom teaching and learning always sets a lot of boundaries on both the students and teachers. The new online teaching has erased those boundaries by allowing everyone to attend the classes according to their own convenience. Reaching institutes in time consumed a lot of energy and time and yet one couldn’t reach in time, but in case of online teaching missing out classes is no more a problem, it also saves a lot of energy and time. Anyone can choose their schedule, they can take classes any time. A teacher can schedule a class being miles away from the students. Similarly students also get the freedom to choose the location wherever they feel comfortable. Online teaching has eased the way of learning and made learning much more comfortable.

2.Innovative Teaching and Self-paced Learning

Since lot of time is saved in online classes, it can be utilized for self-paced learning. With proper time and effort most people can successfully learn whatever they want to. Students, who fall behind in onsite lectures are no more left behind, with self-paced learning and with the help of video classes and online materials they can easily cover up the weaker points. Teachers can also invest those saved times for making study material, video content, PPTs, and more. Since online teaching allows only virtual interaction with the students, teachers get an opportunity to innovate new ideas to make it more interesting and engaging and focus on visuals with spoken lectures. This way teachers can establish their own style of teaching and set up a healthy teaching-learning system.

3.Teach With Tech and Manage With Ease

While shifting to online teaching one needs to choose a proper online platform. All the platforms, available on internet consists some basic features. These features help to manage attendance, keep count on students, conduct tests, take live classes, provide with study material and video content and so on. So online classes wind down the extra burdens and teachers can focus on teaching without any chaos.

4.Easy to Access

Online teaching and learning reduces the extra expenses like transportation fees, electricity bill, Xerox and print out bills etc. Also it does not limit the student capacity as in case of offline classes generally. So tuition fees are also attainable. So online teaching doesn’t consume a lot of money. On the other hand students can contact their teachers any time and get answered to their queries without hassle. So teacher-student communication gets better. So this is easy to access.

5.Helps to Grow Freely

Online teaching opens a new door to all. One can learn as well as teach more than one specific subject, online teaching enhances one’s research skills, lets teachers learn new techniques and modes of teaching, reduces additional stress. An average human brain can hold up to 20 minutes of information simultaneously, with module by module teaching in online class this problem gets solved. Understanding and communication get easier in online teaching. Thus online teaching helps both the teachers and students grow.

6.The Way of Future

According to a report it is expected to grow from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users till 2021, and there is a speculation that it may grow more rapidly. Online teaching offers significant benefits for teachers. It’s estimated that by end of this year most of the institutes will go online, providing schedule flexibility and cost-effectiveness for educators, as well as access to new learning platforms and the opportunity to learn from celebrated teachers located elsewhere in the world via online teaching. Since students are also developing their interest in online education so in order to fulfill your student's needs, teachers must switch online.


The biggest benefit of online teaching is that teachers are able to focus their energies on pedagogical functionality. The ability of teachers to automate marking, digitally issue tests, and track student progress with reporting tools and analytics makes the education landscape a more accommodating and innovative industry that puts students first. Online teaching isn’t just capable of empowering students to progress beyond the course expectations, it also encourages them to explore and learn ahead of the curriculum in a way that makes learning functional, relevant to today’s growing inclusion of technology. This is how online teaching has broken all the limitation and boundaries and spread across the world.


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