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Benefits of Brainstorming Session in Online Classroom


What does it mean to "brainstorm"? It is the process of holding a group conversation in order to generate new ideas or address a specific problem. Brainstorming isn't only for kids; it's practised by everyone from global corporations to college students in dorm rooms. Because it relies not just on each individual contributor's idea, but also on the wisdom of the crowd, it is an excellent technique of ruling out and creating new ideas.

Session of Brainstorming

So, what exactly do brainstorming sessions entail? A brainstorming session, on the other hand, is the act of a group of people sitting down to discuss their ideas. These are workshops in which students examine and broaden their thinking abilities logically and critically As individuals become more interested in the sessions, they are able to speed up the learning process and improve their academic achievement.

Benefits of  Brainstorming Session in Online Classroom
Benefits of Brainstorming Session in Online Classroom


Let's look at the advantages of brainstorming now that we've figured out what it means and what a brainstorming session entails. Some of the most well-known and immediate benefits of brainstorming are discussed here.

1. Improving focus and critical reasoning abilities

Persistence is one of the most crucial lessons kids learn while brainstorming. Brainstorming usually entails talking about one specific concept and the potential implications of putting it into action. This encourages the students to concentrate solely on that one issue, which will help them develop their concentration skills. Furthermore, focusing your brainstorming on a single topic forces you to be more focused

They are encouraged to test the boundaries of their knowledge within that category.

2. Coming up with a slew of innovative ideas

This is, without a doubt, the most evident logical advantage of a brainstorming session. Because there will be so many students interested, the types of ideas will be numerous and diverse. Every student will have their own point of view, so what they bring to the table will be rather diverse. The more students who participate in the brainstorming session, the more ideas, especially original ones, will be generated.

3. Instilling a sense of respect and acceptance

A brainstorming session is an interchange of ideas, and not every suggestion will be given equal consideration. Only a few ideas stand out in a sea of them will be embraced by the vast majority of those engaged. As a result, becoming courteous, if not accepting, of other people's thoughts and opinions is a vital component of brainstorming. This can be a crucial life lesson since they will be able to absorb and digest concepts that they may have previously dismissed as unworthy of their time. It also helps to establish a comfortable environment for the other children, allowing them to gain confidence in themselves and their ideas. The definition of brainstorming has evolved beyond simply debating ideas to fostering a welcoming environment for all.

4. Inspiring students to take chances

People in India are known for taking calculated risks in order to attain their objectives. Sessions of brainstorming might be beneficial Allowing kids to speak their opinions and ideas out loud to a variety of people can help them overcome this mindset. As a result, individuals are less likely to be timid when it comes to expressing themselves and their thoughts.

5. The Social Dimension

Making friends might be aided by brainstorming sessions. Despite the fact that most people form friends with people who share similar interests, brainstorming sessions can help people connect despite their differences.


As previously stated, the notion of brainstorming has been cognitively enlarged to embrace many types of ideas that would not have been feasible without such a modification. Such brainstorming meetings might be crucial in today's environment of opposing views

crucial of bringing individuals together under the tent of intellectual thought and ideas in order to establish a healthy dialogue.


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