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Best tools to create online courses

An online course can build competence, expand an audience, and bring in money. It's comparatively simple to build, distribute, and commercialize a course given the variety of useful tools.

Here is a collection of resources for building online courses. There are platforms that may be used to develop and run a course as well as tools to produce lesson videos, and course materials, advertise and distribute information, and automate the teaching process.

Best tools to create online courses

1. Thinkific

You can develop, market, and sell your skills from a single platform thanks to the comprehensive and user-friendly eLearning tool. Thinkific assists in the creation of various forms of content that your online course requires, regardless of what your audience expects from you. You don't need to have a technical background to create course content. Thinkific is a platform without any coding!

You can begin creating the content for your online course by selecting the template from the collection that best suits your requirements. Your template can be modified because they are all easily modifiable. Additionally, you may easily manage the course content with the drag-and-drop editor.

Thinkific assists in the creation of live classes, randomised quizzes, certifications, personalised coupons, promotional packages, and much more in addition to online courses. The online course platform automates duties relating to marketing, sales, and analytics after you've created your material. This provides information on the student data and upcoming content strategies.

2. Teachable

It is a complete platform for building an online course. Use quizzes, completion certificates, and compliance controls to manage and engage your students. Run one-on-one meetings with tasks, calls, and milestones. Offer discounts and cutting-edge payment alternatives, such as memberships, subscriptions, one-time purchases, bundles, and more. Unlimited students, unlimited courses, and unlimited video bandwidth are included in all subscription programmes. Price: The monthly minimum for plans is $29.

3. iSpring Suite

An all-in-one tool for quick and simple content production is iSpring Suite.

The eLearning tool offers a professional video studio, an online area for team collaboration, a quiz creator, a library of 69000+ eLearning assets, a collection of interaction templates, and a role-play builder.

Since iSpring Suite supports all current eLearning standards, content developed with it is mobile-ready and accessible on a variety of platforms.

4. Kajabi

It serves as a platform for the creation, promotion, and sale of an online course, membership website, or coaching service. Create a course using the product generator, or begin from scratch. Price, delivery, and packaging can all be customised. Make a community for your consumers online. Create and personalize emails with video and timers, integrate your website, launch automated marketing campaigns, and track results. Price: The monthly minimum for plans is $119.

5. ProProfs Training Maker

Utilize pre-made templates and courses in ProProfs Training Maker to quickly create content from scratch or use pre-existing materials. To make your courses more interesting, you can include videos, presentations, documents, tests, surveys, and more.

This LMS software for managing learners and activities also functions as eLearning software. Additionally, it offers you real-time analytics and reports for tracking student participation and course performance. In addition to course monetization, it provides knowledge exchange, simple third-party integrations, customization and branding.

6. Zippy Courses

An all-in-one platform for creating and marketing your online courses is called Zippy Courses. After creating lessons, you can edit, rearrange, and update your course whenever you choose. Offer a course with several levels and charge various amounts for it. To specify the time that enrollment in your course is open, attach a "launch window." Release the course material all at once or drip-feed it. Plans cost a minimum of $99 per month.

7. Docebo

An LMS with AI-powered personalization and work automation capabilities is called Docebo. To generate material, organize and manage learning activities, and promote social learning while working, you can look through a library of 700 courses.

It also includes rich data for real-time performance and an AI Virtual Coach for greater learning.

8. Canva

A variety of online course documents, including lessons and guides, infographics, presentations for video recordings, workbooks, and completion certificates, can be made using Canva, an online design and publishing platform. The brand kit in the pro version allows you to submit your own fonts and logos. Basic services are free. Pro costs $119.99 annually.

9. Whatfix

Whatfix is an on-demand platform for developing interactive courses for the adoption of your enterprise apps in the digital world. Any software or apps you use can be rapidly adopted by your staff with the aid of the eLearning tool. With individualized learning routes and specialized contextual assistance, it gives them more control. You can organize your information using employee roles and learning modules that you can build.

Additionally, you may simply combine it with other applications including your LMS programme.

10. PowerPoint

A tool for creating custom presentations for lessons, particularly for screen recordings, is PowerPoint. Utilize the power of artificial intelligence with the Presenter Coach to practise your performance and receive suggestions on tempo, word choice, and more. A component of Microsoft 365 is PowerPoint. Microsoft 365 costs $69.99.


Whichever eLearning authoring platform you choose, you can quickly boost your courses for higher student engagement and retention. The best learning management systems (LMS) should be taken into consideration if you want to make the decision-making process easier overall. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable about the top digital marketing tools if you want to promote your online courses.


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