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Best Way To Use Online Whiteboard

Best Way To Use Online Whiteboard To Boost Online Teaching

Whiteboard is of great use while teaching offline, after all, it makes the

work quite easier. The thing is, a teacher seeks the same comfort in

online classes as well. Well, the goodness is, this is easily available in

online coaching applications now. The thing is, you must know how to use

them in such a way that they boost up your online teaching. So, here is

Best Way To Use Online Whiteboard
Best Way To Use Online Whiteboard

presented some of the best tips for you to boost up your online teaching

classes, with the help of a digital whiteboard.

Before proceeding further, let's introduce you to the whiteboard

What Is A Digital Whiteboard?

Whiteboard is a tough feature that is browsed in various online teaching

applications. Through this application, a teacher and a student can write

and visualize respectively. It makes teaching and learning quite easier.

A teacher can easily run the class with the help of a digital whiteboard. It's

quite simple to use. Given below is the summary of how to use a


How To Use Digital Whiteboard During Online Class?

Digital White Board is as simple to use in an online class as it is in any

offline batch. You just need to connect the White Board to your device and

share the screen with your students, so that they can easily visualize the

things you do on the whiteboard.

Apart from this, you can make the video while sharing the screen and later

upload it on the respective application for saving time and comfort.

There are many ways through which you can make your classes quite

interesting through the whiteboard.

Let's tell you the best way to use the whiteboard to boost your online classes.

Best Way To Use Digital Whiteboard To Boost The Online Class

It's an assured fact that digital whiteboard gives the utmost comfort to the

user. However, it can be directed in the way to perform many more

practices, that may result in taking you to great heights of ease.

1. You can easily run your brainstorming sessions through the apps

available on the whiteboard.

2. You may easily use your whiteboard app to encourage design


3. Whiteboard apps can be easily used for generating mind maps.

4. Easily save all your workshops digitally, through the whiteboard apps.

5. Save your important information easily on the whiteboard through its


So, these are some of the best ways of using the digital whiteboard, with

great comfort.

Benefits Of Using Whiteboards In Online Classrooms

Digital Whiteboards are flourished with plenty of benefits. Here is

presented the information for the same.

⦁ Promotes Interactive Learning

⦁ Easy To Use

⦁ Enhanced Lessons

⦁ It Can Save The Lessons

So, these are some of the best benefits of a whiteboard, that a teacher may

experience, once involving it in daily life.

Some Best Whiteboard Apps For Online Class

Presented here, is the list of some highly technologized White Board Apps,

that might result best for you,

⦁ Drawp for School

⦁ Miro. Functional, affordable interactive whiteboard

⦁ Bodhi AI

⦁ Explain Everything Whiteboard

⦁ Jamboard

⦁ Stormboard

⦁ Doceri Interactive Whiteboard

⦁ Explee

These will surely help you to boost up your classes easily with great

technology and utmost ease.


Well, White Boards are undoubtedly the best part of an application that

works for the welfare of both teachers as well as students. So, keep on

using the whiteboards, with the best ways, and boost up your online classes.


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