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If a teacher wants to upload previous year’s paper or daily vocabulary just login to your teacher app and then

— click on management

—then click on add subject

—Now previous year papers as well as daily vocab are default subjects that are already present under the option add subject.

So to upload the previous year paper all you have to do is just click on it

—Now you can add chapters just click on the plus sign present at the top right side of the corner so here we are just type out the name of the subject for example I am typing here accounting After typing out name of the subject click on Add chapter.

—Noe you have to scroll down and you can see that the accounting has been successfully added.

—Now click on accounting now your have to type out the topic so just click on the plus sign available at the top right corner and enter your topic name so just for an example we are typing out chapter 1 here you can type whatever you want and then click on add topic now this has been added

—Now if you want you can add a sub-topics that is completely optional.

—Now once your chapter and topic has been added go to the dashboard again click on content and —then click on upload notes

—then choose your subject

—select previous year paper

—choose your chapter if you remember we have added accounting so we are just going to select that

—Now if you had added a topic then you choose the topic and if you have not then you can skip this and directly type out the title note. Here we are typing for example chapter 1 previous year paper

—Now select your batch here we are taking outer batch as an example please select the batch where you want to upload this paper then

—click on upload notes select the notes that you want to upload

—and the notes are successfully added

—Now student from the student app can view this directly in previous year paper

—so just click on previous years and then you can see that the chapter and the notes have been added.

—Now please keep in mind that your student need to be added to that particular batch for them to view the previous year paper.

—Now the student can select that particular notes and they can directly view the notes or downloaded it by clicking on the top right arrow.

—To upload daily vocab again login to your teacher app

—click on management

—click on add subject

—Daily vocab will be the default subject here so click on that

—Now again you have to create your chapter so just click on the top right plus sign

—Add your chapter name so here just for an example we are typing class 12 english you can type whichever chapter name you want

—click on add chapter

—Now click on that class 12 english again to create topic

—So type out your topic name these things are option if you want to add the topic or topic you can and if don’t just skip it. And directly add your vocabulary their

—Now go back to your dashboard and then click on content

—click on upload notes

—choose your subject so choose daily vocab

—choose the chapter we have given the chapter name as class 12 english so we are gonna choose that

—you can choose topic and subtopic if you have assigned one if not you can directly type out the title of the notes so here we are just typing out daily vocab chapter one

—You have to select the batch again just for an example we are selecting outer please select the batch where you want to upload the daily vocab

—click on upload notes

—select the notes that you want to upload and that’s it your notes are successfully added.

—Now student from their student app will be able to view this daily vocab in a separate tab which is given as daily vocab

—so the student will have to click on that and they need to be added in that particular batch to view the daily vocab so you can see here daily vocab chapter one has been added so again you can view it directly or the student can download it using that arrow.


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