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Duties And Responsibilities Of A School Teacher

Duties And Responsibilities Of A School Teacher
Duties And Responsibilities Of A School Teacher

A school teacher always gives her best when it comes to her students. A teacher always takes care of the students in all ways. He/ she never leaves a day off from her duty. Well, the best part of a teacher is that she never leaves the hand of her student and performs her duties well.

Undoubtedly, a teacher performs various duties amazingly and in a great manner. However, there are certain things that a teacher needs to take care of. Here's the list of the same.

Duties And Responsibilities Of A School Teacher

A school teacher should inherit the following responsibilities for her better carrier in teaching life.

1. At first, a teacher is responsible to perform the duty of a RESOURCE for students, who give them the resources to study and make them get developed for the future.

2. Another duty that comes forward for a teacher is that she must SUPPORT students at every point of time for their better future ahead.

3. A teacher must work as a MENTOR for every student so that no student may suffer from a lack of knowledge or other important segments of a good human.

4. A teacher must always be a good HELPING HAND for her student and must always be there to take her student's back.

5. A teacher must motivate her students for amazing works and thus act as a MOTIVATOR for them.

So, these are the duties and responsibilities of a teacher

What Makes An Ideal Teacher?

There are some qualities of a teacher that makes an Ideal Teacher. Here's the list of the same.

1. A teacher should not be partial with any student as it will show your misbehavior and thus you'll not be a good teacher for all the students.

2. A teacher must understand the problems of her students and thus guide them properly.

3. A teacher must take care that every student works properly and if anyone gets distracted, then she must make sure to bring him on the path.

4. A teacher must be patient in her job and must treat students calmly.

5. A teacher must behave friendly with her students at some moments to maintain a good relationship between them both.

So, these are some qualities of an ideal teacher.


Well, a teacher must be calm and polite with students, apart from anything else. So, take a view over all the above things and thus, make yourself more ideal.


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