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Happy Teacher's Day

Ek Wish Toh Banta Hai!

Happy Teacher's Day
Happy Teacher's Day

'Teachers are the candles, who burn and give us light,

Teachings are so bright,

Works Day and Night'

Undoubtedly, a student is incomplete without a teacher. Teachers always support their students in all the ways they can do. They are always available at any time and at any cost for their students.

It's a fact, knowledge and education are important needs for an individual. Unfortunately, the circumstances since last years have really found tough for education and knowledge to make their way out. We all are well aware of how lockdown has impacted the education sector with a specific focus on teachers who are financially struggling to maintain their presence among students both offline and online.

Happiness is, this problem can be easily solved by a great means. We as a team can empower every teacher by helping them launch their own online coaching platform. Experience so magical that teachers generate their own app link, add students, teach life, manage fees, upload notes, take tests, and much more, quite in the easier way. For sure, a teacher can easily run the classes, quite with easy way.

It's a humble request to every person, who is reading this to call and connect at least one needy teacher in their network and gift them their own teaching platform today. Assuredly, the teacher can easily have a great future ahead with wonderful career in the entire country. Hence, a way to make out a wonderful livelihood for a teacher as well for millions of students who might be lacking a good teacher.

C'mon Everyone, For the one who always supports us, let's support them today, after all,

Ek Wish Toh Banta Hai!

And this might be the best way to wish them.


Teacher Community of Bodhi AI

Start your classes online in just 2 minutes. Empowering teachers/ coaching/ school to teach the way new India learns. We help teachers to conduct online classes and create a best learning app.

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