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How I built my online academy

Story of increasing admission of students in

school lockdown too

The month of April 2020 was a month of great change for me. Earlier every year my April month was my busy month. The admission of my school children used to prepare for the new session, the exams were all very busy, but in April 2020 it was completely empty. It was a bad time for a school operator. I could not understand what to do. I talked to many people. Somebody said that teach from free platform like Zoom etc., give question paper from Whatsapp. As a teacher, I know that running a school is not just video conferencing but there are a lot of many types of work.

So I talked to a friend of mine, Mr. Raghav ji who runs a school and he has

already taken the software to teach online. He said, "Hey brother, I am not

facing any kind of problem. My school is going on like before."

I requested him to tell us in detail. He told that he changed his school into

an online academy through the BodhiAI platform. Their school turned from a

simple school to a smart school.

I considered her advice and contacted BodhiAI. My biggest fear was that I

don't know the technicalities. I do not know how to do Coding. How will I

make this online academy accessible to my students? How do I get the fee?

Thus many questions were still in my mind. The representatives of BodhiAI

convinced me.

BodhiAI easily set up my Online Academy in 1 day. My school's logo was

immediately created and made an app in the name of my academy. The

name of my academy was also published in the App Playstore. Now my

students could download this app.

He then explained how to take a live class. I wanted to put some new

features in my academy app according to my needs. The technical team of

BodhiAI did this work immediately.

In this way, I easily made a class / batch in my academy's app, taking

attendance and started the process of admission.

The different types of courses taught by my academy have been translated.

Question paper can be made very easily in BodhiAI. In this way, the

students also started taking exams very easily and the results were

published soon after the examination.

Thus my academy started running at full speed. My online academy also

connected students who studied in some other institution. Little did I know

that it would be so easy.

Meanwhile, we and all our teachers were in online contact with the students.

Each class teacher held parent-teacher meetings every month through

BodhiAI. We shared all the information related to Covid-19 with students

and parents. As a result, children's confidence in my academy increased.

Students from other schools also joined and the admission of our school

increased by almost 30 percent. All this was possible through the BodhiAI

platform and their ever-supporting team.


Teacher Community of Bodhi AI

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