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Teacher app allows you to share coin with students as well as students can earn coins

For that purpose just login to your teacher app

—click on Marketing

—and then click on coins

—It will take you to the list of students as well as the coins

—You can see here can either refer the app to somebody and earn coins and the student who receive the referral and uses the app can also earn coin.

—Or you as a teacher can individually give coin to the particular student.

—one coin is equal to one rupees

—The coin can be utilised when a student is purchasing some kind of package or buying a book or even during fees.

—You can either scroll to the list of student or you can search the student by the name or number

—If you want to give them coin just click on the pencil sign beside the name

—Then type out the number of coins that you want to give them

—Then type of the reason of giving

—And then click on edit coins and the student will be given that particular coin

—Students can login to their student app and they cab either apply the referral code or share and earn the coins

—Now, they have to click on the side panel and click on share and earn

They can share the link with their friends and earn coins

—Student receiving the referral code can login to their student app enter the referral code and then click on apply referral code and that way they can earn coins.


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