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How to become an online "teacher"

How to earn 10 times by teaching online

Know what is the formula

If you are well knowledgeable in any subject or you teach tuition, then online coaching is a good business these days. Due to Covid-19, increasing

awareness of online education has provided a lot of opportunities in this field. Sharing your knowledge will help you build a brand as well as

increase your income 10 times.

There is a huge market for competitive examinations in India. Every student

takes tuition in school education.

Want to become an online tutor or start online education coaching? But

confused about how to get started or scared due to a lack of technical information?

We are here for you with a step-by-step guide to start your online education

coaching in India. Hope you find it useful.

So let's start a zero-to-one online learning platform journey!

There was a time when coaching and private tuition were a one-of-a-kind

business. But now with Digital India, things are different. Online

education coaching is revolutionizing the education industry. The new

education system is for all teachers and students.

Now the teacher does not need an offline platform for the students to play

their knowledge and skills. Currently, the entire online world is a platform for

their knowledge and skills. With this online education, distance is no longer

an excuse. A student from Nagpur can get knowledge from the top tutor

without going to Kota.

Today, not just school-going boys are looking for online tutors, but also

graduates, postgraduates, and professionals are also looking for online

education coaching to upgrade and improve their existing skills.

And with this online education series, today generally all online tutors and

coaching institutes are earning moderately varying amounts based on their

educational qualifications, experience, and technical expertise.

The increasing number of online tutoring platforms and technologies has

substantially strengthened the online tutoring market by making it easier for

tutors to succeed in students. Come, there are many platforms available by

online tutors and training organizations to start and run online education


Finding the right tutor at the right place for students is a big problem. But

thanks to online education where tutors and students can easily find each

other regardless of their different locations. Online education opens up a huge

business opportunity for all online tutors and online education coaching.

After the proliferation of online education, many online plate forms have

come into the market through which you can make your school or coaching

institute online. Therefore, great care is required when choosing such a plate


Learning Management System: -

When online education is managed through software, it is called Learning Management Station (LMS). It is an integrated system that -

1. School / Coaching Management

2. Teacher

3. Students

Benefits equally.

Features of School / Coaching Management: -

1. Admission

2. Attendance Management

3. Fee Collection

4. Information with Announcement / Parent

Teacher Feature: -

1. Live Class

2. Publication of course material

3. Test / Examination

4. Doubt Solutions

5. Mutual communication

6. Smart Test

Features for the student: -

1. Live interactive class

2. Questioning facility

3. Doubt Solutions

4. Examination / Tests

5. Result Analysis

6. Course material download load

7. 24-hour reading facility

Only the above facilities (LMS) should be selected BodhiAI is a learning

management system (LMS) that provides all the above facilities.

Before taking (LMS) you have to decide what is your requirement.

Accordingly, you should select the system.

Middle and small schools should take cloud-based LMS as it is cheaper.

BodhiAI offers Clyde West LMS. While taking the learning management

the system also keeps in mind the following points:

1. How much is your budget?

Free to Labor (LMS) systems are available in

the market. There is no customization and customer support in the free

system, they should be avoided.

2. Easy technology: -

This is very important because teachers and students

need a system whose interface and usage are very easy. It does not require

any special technical requirements. If you take a difficult system then it will

be of no use to you.

3. Long-lasting -

Once a good system you take it thoughtfully. You can lose

your time and money in a cheap or free affair. The system should be such

that it runs without any problem for a long time.

Online education is undoubtedly more for coaches to learn in business. When

you start your career as an online tutor, you do not necessarily have all the

knowledge and skills needed to work as a subject matter expert, coach,

evaluator, and skilled user of online tools. We hope that this article has given

you some more insight to get started, which can be a very exciting and

rewarding journey. Wish you great success in your online tuition business!

In this way, you can choose the online platform according to your need and

convenience. BodhiAI's platform is the ideal platform for this.


Teacher Community of Bodhi AI

Start your classes online in just 2 minutes. Empowering teachers/ coaching/ school to teach the way new India learns. We help teachers to conduct online classes and create a best learning app.

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