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How to earn 10 times by selling online courses know what is the formula?

If you are well knowledgeable in any subject or you teach tuition, then online coaching is a good business these days. The increasing awareness towards all-line education due to Covid-19 has provided a lot of opportunities in this field. Sharing your knowledge will help you build a brand as well as increase your income 10 times.

There is a huge market for competitive examinations in India. Every student takes tuition in school education.

What is an online course?

An online course, also called an e-course, is a course that is taught

online rather than face-to-face.

E-courses are often prerecorded, but may also include live

classes. It contains written materials which are often in PDF form.

It includes question papers, tests and all that is done in face-to-

face studies.

Who can make an online course?

An online course can be made by any person, school, coaching

institute etc.

Coaching Institute

• School

• Personal tutor

• Skill instructors

• Language instructors

• music instructor

• Yoga Guru

What kind of online course

• If you are a coaching director, then you know what to teach.

For example, you can prepare courses for competitive exams of

SSC, Bank, or Railway. It is easiest for a coaching operator to

decide which course to prepare.

• If you are a school director, then you can prepare a course from

your subject teachers from the syllabus taught in the school.

• If you provide vocational training, you can prepare the course

of your course.

How to create an e-course?

By now you must have decided which e-course you want to

prepare. Now come, how to prepare it: -

1. First decide the name of your e-course: -

Name the e-course that you are proficient in. For example, if you

have mastered the reasoning topic of SSC, Bank, Railways, etc.,

then name the course with Reasoning. For example (name)

Reasoning Course for Bank.

2. Create a course that is in demand in the market.

The following topics are in great demand for online courses in

India: -

Government job competitive examinations.

• IIT / NEET Preparation.

• Preparation of GATE / GMAT / CAT.

• 10th and 12th board examinations.

• Speaking English Course.

• vocational training.

3. Focus on what the result of your e-course will be: -

Students will buy your course only if they know what they will get

from your course. What will be the outcome of your course

should emerge in a very attractive and clear manner.

4. Selection and compilation of course material for your e-

course: -

If you teach already, it is very easy for you, but if you are new

then it seems a bit difficult. To make it easier, first of all, think on

the purpose of your course and compile the textual content

accordingly, and construct an e-course based on the course


5. Structure the course module and course plan: -

In this phase, you should classify the course into small modules.

Decide in advance how many chapters will be in your course and

how many topics will be in that chapter?

6. Presentation of the online course: -

You have decided on the chapters and topics of the course. Now how

you present it is important. Online cars are mainly offered in the

following format: -

• Written course material

• Video and image content

Screen-sharing content

The coordination of the above three creates an interesting online

course. Bodhi AI provides such a facility.

Before preparing your course, note that you do not have to

prepare the whole course together. You make a chapter course

and take feedback from your students. This will reveal whether

your camera was the correct foam, whether the light was correct,


7. High-quality video lecture: -

You can prepare your lecture

video lecture at home. Buy only the necessary ingredients for

this: -

1. Tripod

2. Good Microphone

3. Mobile phone with a good camera

4. Good lighting facility

You can prepare a video lecture by recording your good content

as a class. If you are taking a live class through an online class, then

it can also be recorded. Bodhi AI provides this facility.

8. Determine the price of your course: -

First of all, do a market survey, what is the value of the course, which is similar to

the course. The price of your course will be based on your


9. Build your brand and reach thousands of students: -

By joining the online course platform, there is an opportunity to

reach thousands o f students. For this, create a brand of your

coaching. Branding will increase your identity in a large area. For

this, you should choose an online platform that can help you in this

task, for this Bodhi AI is a well-known platform. The need is to

develop ideas, create them and share them with thousands of people.

Being online, advertising is much easier.

You can easily create this type of package on the Bodhi AI



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