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The uploading notes can be viewed by the teacher in the edit note section of the teacher app so now through the edit notes you can view all your notes you can also edit them whenever you want.

Now for that just login to your teacher app and

—click on content

—their you can see edit note option click on that

—Now select the subject whichever note that you want to edit just click on that particular subject.

Now we are going to take physics as an example

—If you remember we have uploaded notes of reflection so we are going to do some editing with this particular note but you can whichever note you required.

—Now for editing you have to click on pencil sign at the right top corner

—Now here you can change the title

Now here you can see reflection we can change it to refraction for example so just type whichever name you want to change it to and then click on to update notes

—Now notes update so now just if it is not seen just go back refresh it and then again come back to this section

—see now you can see it is updated to refraction

—the next thing you will notice is the view limit and views

Now views 4 means four time the notes has been viewed that is by your students

You can see view limit does not have a number that means unlimited number of time it can be viewed.

But you can but a limit to this views we are going to take 5 as an example here.

So that means only five times can the notes be viewed so just click on five and then click on update notes.

—You can also change the batch let here this notes is present in for outer batch.

Now you can add this for other batches like pcm or mathematics so you just have to tick on that subject and upgrade notes.

—Now if you want to remove it from the particular batch you just have to remove tick it and then click on update notes.

—And again just to refresh it go back and again follow the same process click on physics you can see view limit is set to five views are 4 and the title is changed.

—And in this way your notes has been updated.


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