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How to edit videos from teacher app?

Teacher app allows you to edit video from teacher app for that just login to your teacher app and follow these steps:-

—The uploaded videos will be visible in edit videos so for that teacher have to login to the teacher app go to content and then click on edit video

—you can edit the video through batch video or edit subject video

— So let’s start with the edit batch videos so now you have to select a batch so we are selecting here outer just for an example

—now if i want the third video which is spellings just click on that pencil sigh and then you can change the name of the video here you can even change the public status so once if it is not green that means it will not be published it will not be visible then you can also change the batch so I’m just unticking outer and putting it in different batch let say English 12 and you can just click on upload video and all the changes Will be made

—This way you’ll be able to edit your videos any of the videos

—now let’s say it you want to delete that video completely so for that you just have to keep pressing on the video and then it will show you this option if you want to delete just click on delete otherwise you can click on cancel and your video won’t be deleted

—you can also check how many people have viewed the video by clicking on those three doted line you can see here it show it is published it’s in outer and there are four views so all these details you will be able to check from edit video

—also you can also change the order of the video so all you have to do again is just keep pressing it and then you can either put it above a video or below a video so this way you can even change the order of the video

—now if you want to change edit your video though subject video just click on edit subject video

—now you can edit your video here subject wise so if you remember we have that video in English right

—so let’s click on English

—now you can see here is the videos now you can click on that pencil sign and edit the video so click on that pencil sign and similarly like what we did in edit batch video you can also change here the name the public status you can change the batch extra thing you can change here is video view limit this is corresponding to the number of times a student can view your video

—so if it is set as zero that means your one student can view the video for n number of times but it you set a video view limit let’s say five student can view it only for five times

—you can also add thumb nail to it so all you have to do is just click on that thumb it will take you to your images available in your device you can select that image then put it as a thumbnail

—please keep in mind that the ratio is 16:9 so you just have to maintain that and that’s it your thumbnail will be added to your video

—once you go back and then click on edit video again you can see that the thumbnail has been added and this will be showed to your students while they view the video


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