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How to get live video details on teacher app?

Teacher app allows you to get details of live video on teacher app so for that you just login to your teacher app and follow these steps:-

—teachers can get the details of the live classes through their teacher app for that they have to click on content and then slide and then they get live video details so under that there are three options

. Live video details

.YouTube live details and

.active video details

—let’s first understand the live video details

—so once you click on the live video details here the teacher will be able to view all the details of the live classes that is taken in the app as well as from the web panel which is go live here you can see all the previous live videos

— so once the teacher click on any of the video all the details regarding the messages that are received or the students that are present everything will be given here and these are the current live videos again the messages and the student details will be given here

—coming to YouTube live details here the teacher will be able to view all the details of the YouTube classes that would taken through the app so for that click on YouTube live details and here all the information about the live YouTube videos Will be given so again if you click here you can see that there is live messages details as well as the live student details of this particular students join time as well as leave time is shown

—the third one is active video details here you will get the details for the goggle meet link

— so once the teacher puts the link here all the details of the goggle meet will be given here..


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