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How to Manage Online Classroom

How to Manage Online Classroom

Managing online classroom requires different approach than traditional offline classroom. Managing online classroom is not difficult, but it includes some specific strategies to make the whole thing run smoothly. Since the online teaching has taken a huge part today in education system, it is important for every teacher to adopt this 'new norm' teaching technique.

Online class management mainly needs to be pragmatic and teachers should have the courage of making it happen. There are certain considerations that teachers should take into account to effectively manage their classroom and workload.

How is a teacher supposed to manage a classroom online?

Here are a few tips and tricks that may help one out.

Tips to manage online classroom

1. Test the Technology First:

It is important for a teacher to get used to the technology they are using for taking online classes. Teachers need to use the most suitable apps and features which fit their criteria. They should mainly focus on live class conduction, video classes uploading, smooth internet connection, data savior apps, fee management and others. Teachers are advised to check the internet connection before starting the classes so that it won't bother the ongoing class.

2. Overcome the Distraction:

An online classroom does not offer face to face interaction, but teachers need to make the virtual classroom look, sound, and feel as much like an in-person classroom as possible. Both the teachers and students need to avoid the external distractions. To keep away distraction they should put their phones, entreating objects, pets away. Teachers should help students to focus on their lessons.

3. Set Rules and Disciplines:

A single student's disruptive behavior can break the concentration of the whole class. It is difficult but not impossible to deal with the discipline issues in online classroom. Before starting the class teachers should set some rules and regulations, and make students must follow the rules. But teachers should not be harsh to make students follow the rules. Rather they should be extra careful and use tactics, so that students automatically maintain the classroom disciplines.

4. Make It Engaging:

Students often suffer the problem regarding engagement issue. It's tough for many of the students to fully focus on their lessons due to lack of engagement. This problem can resolved by keeping the whole session short, arranging question and answer sessions, debate competition, preparing students for hands-on activities, etc.

5. Solve the Doubts:

It is one of the most important thing teachers need to focus on since lot of students don't understand what is being taught in online classroom because of lack of interaction. To solve this issue teachers are advised to conduct some doubt clearing sessions. Other than that they need to provide study materials, conduct group discussions and make video lectures, so that students can easily get the idea of the learning.

6. Make a Routine:

Creating to routine to schedule online classes makes it easier and beneficial for both the students and teachers. It makes the learning more effective. Students get to revise their old lessons which clear the base and help to build new ideas at the same time teachers get to spiral old skills and plan new sessions in a proper way.

7. Set Up a Communication Bridge:

It is very important for a teacher to make a communication bridge with the students. Students should not hesitate to contact their teachers for any reasons. The communication between teacher and students should be healthy and breathable so that students can keep their queries to their teachers whenever they need. At the same time teachers should have a good communication with the students along with their guardian; this will definitely make the overall online teaching process better.

8. Start slowly:

In case of online classroom it is very important to understand every individual's criteria and their need. All the students are needed to be taken care of. Teachers should make the classroom environment healthy and give every child a proper attention. This is why one should not rush into the core lesson so fast. Teachers should start things slowly in a calm and positive way so that hard topics and complicated lessons can be taught easily and thus students won't get bored.

The above tips will definitely help teachers to manage their online classroom in an easier way. Online teaching and learning can be more enjoyable if both the teachers and students feel comfortable and understand the plagiarism. Considering the above tips teachers may take classes without hassle.


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