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How to set Device ID on student App for Teacher App?

—So when a student download the students app and then registers net the device id also gets registered.

—So if you don’t have an account in student app but if here you will register but along with this along with your phone number your device id let’s say which is you phone id gets saved this is for security reasons.

—To be specific you cannot share this number with anyone and only one device could response to one account.

—So using this registered number you cannot login to any other device but only through this particular device through which you have registered.

—so now, lets say if you want to login from a different device then you have to request the teacher.

—The teacher will remove your device from the teacher panel and then you will be able to login to your account from a different device.

—so when a teacher deletes a device id the student number is still registered only the device gets deleted.

—once the device has been deleted from the teacher panel the student will be able to login to their account from a different device or from a different mobile.


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