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How to start live videos on Teacher app?

Teacher app allows you to start live video for that just login to your teacher app and follow these steps:-

—First click on content

—the first option is live video so click on that

—After clicking now you can see five options here

1.start live video with recording live video conferencing with recording
5.Google meet/Zoom

1.Start live video

—so lets start with Start live video

Here u will see two options Batch live and packages live you can choose either batch live or package

—Here we are choosing batches live

—After clicking batches live Now, you have to enter live classes title so just for an example physics class you can write any title you want

—the next you have to do is select the batch for which the video is we are going to select PCM as an example

—Next you have to choose the quality of live video

Low,Medium,High,Higher dependent on the internet usage Here, we are selecting Medium

—An after doing all this click on LIVE NOW

Allow the teacher app to take purchase and record video once you do that you are LIVE

And the students will be able to join the love classes

2.Live with recording

—The next option here is live with recording so click on that

Once you click on that you again get the same two options batches live and packages

So agin we will choose batches live here

-Again you have to give title to the live

Here we are giving physics 1

—Then select the batch whichever you want Here we are choosing PCM

—then click on START LIVE

—Again you have to give the permission to teacher app to take pictures and record video

—After giving permission live will be started

3.Youtube live video

—The third option here is youtube live video so click on that you will again get the two same options

Batches and packages

—Now you have to choose batches here you have to type out the Live video URL so just copy paste the link the live video URL sanctioned

—After that you have to type the video title

—select the batch that you want

—Then click on start live video share so that the you tube live video will be shared to the students in their particular batch

4.Live conferencing with recording

—The fourth option here is Live conferencing with recording so click on that again you will see two options batches and packages live so click on batches live.

--After clicking you have to enter the class title

—select the batch

—And then you have to click on start live

5. Google meet/Zoom

—The final option is google meet/ zoom once you click on that you will again get to see two options you can either select batches live or packages live

—After choosing here you have to again right Google meet URL as the link to the google meet call ——then you have to enter the title

—select the batch and that’s it

—click on start google meet/zoom

And this will notify your student and they can join the call.


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