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How to upload current affairs through Teacher App?

—go to management

—go to add subject once you clicked on add subject you have to now create the subject for current affairs so

—click on the plus sign at top right corner now enter the subject name so just enter current affairs and then you have to click on add subject and once you scrolled down you can see that current affairs has been added

—now Go back to management again and then click on add current affairs at subject here just click on current affairs and then click on add as current affairs this will added as a subject

—now you will be able to upload notes so that go back to your teacher app dashboard click on content

—click on upload notes choose the subject which is current affairs then if you have mate category’s in your chapter choose that enter the title of the notes just for an example we are typing out current affairs here select your batch and then click on upload notes then you have to upload the notes and that’s it your note if uploaded

—now you can check these notes in your edit notes option just scroll down again find current affairs and you can see that the note has been added

—now your student from the student app will be able to view all of these notes that you have added under current affairs and that includes videos as well under current affairs

—now student will be able to view this from the student app by clicking on current affairs so you can see that the student is able to view the current affairs notes as well as the videos


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