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How to upload pre-recorded video on Teacher App?

Teacher app allows you to upload pre-recorded video for that just login to your teacher app and follow these steps:-

—Go to content and then click on upload video then click on upload video you’ll have to choose the subject just for an example here we are going to take English then you have to choose your chapter so again we just going to take this for an example you’ll have to type out the video title so again for example we’re typing spellings then we are selecting the batch I’m just going to select Outer for an example you can select whichever batch you wants to show

—then click on upload video and then upload the video that you want to upload and that’s it your video will be uploaded

—you will be able to view the video from edit video so for that again go to your dashboard click on content

—Click on edit video you can check it batch wise so we had upload in Outer batch so if I click there the first video like the recent video is showing spellings which is the video that I just updated

—now student will be able to view this video from their student app by clicking on all videos it’ll show their batch so if they are present in that particular batch will be able to view the video so you can see here spellings students can either download by clicking on arrow or click directly on it to view the video


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