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How to view live recorded videos through Teacher App?

Just login to your Teacher App and

—Click on content and then slide

—click on recorded videos and then again click on recorded videos here all the videos that has been live class with recording or live conferencing with recording or go live via the website will be visible here

—now by clicking on that yellow icon the teacher will be able to view the live recorded video and see if the recording has been correct or not

—by playing the teacher will be able to see how the recorded video is

—now the teacher can also edit this particular recorded video by clicking on that video

— once you click all it’s various options will show so now you can enter the title then you can choose a subject and then you can also select the batch so if this is in an particular batch let’s say this is in demo you can unselect it and put it in different batch you can also put in multiple batches and then after that all you have to do is just click on update video

—once you click on update video your video will be published accordingly

—now you can also Click On live recording details and see all the details of the live video that you have recorded

—you can also share the link of the live recorded video with your student by clicking on that square sign beside the particular video so it’s link is copied and you can either share it to your students or you can go to google in your Crome paste the link in the web address bar enter and then I’ll take you to the video from here you can just click on that three doubts and download the video


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