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Knowing Teacher App Better: How To View A Student’s Details and Performance

Know Your App Better: How Does Your App Home Screen Look?

The Teacher app is an all-in-one stop for you to promote and conduct your classes. Using the app, you could admit students, have separate batches for different subjects, upload videos, and a lot more. Before starting with your classes, it is important to know your app better. For this, let us begin with the home screen.

The home screen of the Teacher app will begin with an option for creating a classroom batch. Here you can admit students for some particular subject. The next option you will see will be a list of all the batches you have created. Upon clicking on the batch you will see a dialog box showing the number of students in the batch. Below will be the subject you have created for the batch. You can also create more subjects with the option given there.

Knowing Teacher App Better: How To View A Student’s Details and Performance
Knowing Teacher App Better: How To View A Student’s Details and Performance

How To View Student Details?

To see a student’s details you must visit their profile. You can do this by clicking on the number of the student’s dialog box. Here you search for the student’s name. For knowing a student's details, one needs to click on the student's name.

Here you will see the following details,

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Parent Phone Number

  • Address

  • Joining date

Apart from the above-mentioned list of things, there are four more important things that you can see as a teacher.

  • Firstly, you can see the list of batches in which the student is enrolled.

  • Secondly, you can see the package that the student has selected.

  • Third, you can see the Attendance of the student in the classes he/she has selected.

  • Fourth, you can see the Test Performance of the student in the classes he/she has selected.

Knowing The Sections Better

Here are all the details of the sections in the student’s profile. In the teacher app, these sections will tell you about the academic and personal details of the student. Read further to know these sections better.

What Is In the Batches Section?

Here you will find the list of batches in which the student has been enrolled. A student could be admitted to more than one batch at a time.

What Is the Package Section?

A package is basically a course along with its details. As a tutor, there’d be a number of packages, for instance, monthly, six-monthly, or annual packages. You should add whether the package has a full advance or a partial advance payment option.

Whatever package the students wish, they can click on the buy option. After the necessary payment, the package will appear in the student’s profile.

What Is In the Attendance Section?

As the name says, this section contains the attendance of the student for the classes he/she has attended. This means it is the number of classes the student has attended. It is automatically recorded once the student enters the live class.

What is In The Test Performance Section?

The Test Performance section is the place where one can view the student’s test marks. The student’s overall average can be calculated based on these marks. It can also be used by parents to assess the progress of the student.

Uploading A Video or A Note in the Teacher App

For tutoring purposes, you may upload a note in form of a pdf or document in the app or a video. This can be easily done by browsing to “My app” section of the app home screen. The upload time will depend on the file size. The video and notes uploaded by the teacher will be visible in the “All videos” and “All notes” sections of the student’s app.

What Are the Other Features In the Teacher App?

The Teacher app allows you to access quite a few features apart from the live video conference feature. These features are as below:

  • Banners - Help To Give Out Information and Packages.

  • Fees Reminders - To send out reminders to students whose fees are pending.

  • Batches - Create batches if you have too many students for a subject or you teach more than one subject.

  • Record Live Videos - You can record the live conference classes and upload them in the Videos section.

  • Tests - Conduct tests, Upload test questions, Mark the student’s marks.


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