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In the current scenario, online schools have become very significant. Online schools enable students to learn and attend class right from the comfort of their homes. Online school or virtual school is where a teacher teaches students entirely through online mode or online education platforms. However, an important requirement of online learning is a strong and stable internet connection, and also need to have a display screen like a smartphone or pc.

Online schooling offers many facilities like video conferencing, whiteboard, screen sharing, chat box and classes that can be scheduled automatically on the online platforms. Therefore, an online school can be defined as a tool that makes the teaching-learning process more smooth, student-friendly, innovative, creative, convenient and even more flexible.

Significance of Online Learning

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of learning has shifted from offline to online. The physical classroom has been replaced with a virtual classroom. Blackboard has been replaced by smartphones or laptops, or tablets, and textbooks have been replaced by e-books. The times of having to rely on traditional books to gain knowledge are long gone. In the recent times, everything is available with just a click. Nowadays, online instructions have become vital as they're the destiny of learning, break barriers, greater economic, time-saving, numerous opportunities, and lots of others.

The importance of an online school are:

1. Students can learn any topic or concept from home through online education.

2. Students will be able to analyze every problem via online lessons.

3. Online schooling saves money and time for commuting.

4. Online schools provide a flexible timetable as well as convenience.

5. In an online schooling, education continues even out of the virtual classroom through videos, articles and notes.

6. Students can get the same required and excellent education sitting in their homes through online classes.

7. Online education may go beyond the syllabus and help students gain more knowledge.

8. Online classes will aid students in analyzing concepts visually.

9. Online classes help students effortlessly keep in mind the matters they have learned.

10. Online schooling additionally improves the technical abilities of students.

11. In an online school, geography is not a barrier. Anyone can join the class from anywhere in the world since the classes are virtual.

12. Students are able to learn how to handle distinctive learning control structures and programs.

Essential Elements of an Online School
1. Recording button: This option allows the class to be recorded so if any student is unable to attend or is physically ill, they can go through the recorded lectures.
2. Scheduling classes: Teachers have the option to schedule classes for the students to see. Scheduling helps in reminding of the class and when to join.
3. Attendance download: Teachers do not have to call out the names if they don't want to. Students can either write down their names in the chat box or fill out the attendance forms. Some apps even allow downloading attendance with a click that shows the name as well as login time.
4. Assignment: Online school contains an assignment portal that allows students to upload their assignments soon after completion. It also provides reminders before the due date.
5. Screen sharing: Online schooling allows teacher and students to share their screens and present the required material.
6. Notes upload: Faculties can share the study material through the uploading notes portal or even directly share it in the chat box.

Why is online schooling beneficial?

1. A crucial benefit of online learning is the interactive sessions that encourage students to pay attention to the topic.

2. Online classes have reduced a huge amount of expense for both the schools and students.

3. Online schooling has additionally removed the time burden of commuting.

4. The digital mode of learning demands students to be present on time and be a part of the class with an attentive and engaging mind.

5. Since the education is completely online, it reduces procrastination and enhances productivity. Students can now focus on their daily goals and no longer waste time doing unimportant activities.

6. Timing and place do not interfere with the learning. It further helps students to join foreign universities and even carry out distance learning. If any student is physically unwell, they too can attend the class from their home. Online teaching reduces the physical constraints of education and studying.

7. Students are exposed to knowledge beyond the syllabus with additional study materials like presentations, videos, articles, quizzes and many more.

8. Online schooling enables the parents to be able to track their wards’ performance in academics with the aid of using the parent portal provided in the online teaching platform.

9. With online teaching, classes can be scheduled at a different time if required. Extra classes can be conducted easily in this digital mode.

10. Now teaching and learning can occur without disturbance and more effortlessly with online classes, bringing innovative and creative ideas for everyone to enjoy classes from the comfort of their homes.

If you are wondering how to start your online school, download the “Teacher App” today. Teacher App helps you give your educational institute an online space. Through this app, you can teach seamlessly. It offers many features like uploading videos, fee management, conducting tests and connecting to students.

You can get the app by heading over to Play Store, typing "Teacher App", and pressing on download!

Offline Schooling vs Online Schooling

Online schooling involves the usage of a virtual classroom that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to join a class. Not just this, students who are interested in learning other topics can join a class as long as they have the access and a web connection. Online schooling has also allowed the shy students to ask doubts and put forward their creative ideas (through chat box), which would have been difficult in a traditional classroom setting. For the teachers, online schooling offers them the knowledge of technology and teaching equipment like videos, audios, animations, digital whiteboards, presentations and chat with the students.

On the other hand, offline schooling offers students a more real-time experience since the classes are physical. It lets students make deeper connections with their peers and carefully engage with their teachers. Students can also participate in outdoor sports and bodily training, which contributes to the student's overall physical strength and activity. Offline education provide a healthy competitive environment to the students and enhance their overall personality development through extra-curricular activities.


Online school is the need of the hour due to the grave pandemic. Even at a time like this, students need to focus on education to keep growing their knowledge. Online schooling has aided in continuing education with the use of technology and chalked out techniques to improve the quality of their teachers and maintain the educational standards. Online schooling has been widely accepted and utilized. It has many benefits like reduced cost, increased productivity and easy accessibility.

On the other hand, offline schooling involves the time for commuting and the expenses that come with it. However, offline education helps teachers to pay attention to the students and monitor the responses and behaviour of the students. Thus deal with the students as and while required. But what is most significant is to acquire knowledge through whatever means possible. We are required to focus on that.


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