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School Management System VS School Portal

School Management System and School Portal are two terms often confused and interchanged, even though they both have different meanings. This is the reason why today we will see the difference between them.

School Management System (SMS)=> School Management System also referred to as Enterprise resource planning software is software used by organizations to manage their day-to-day activities, such as customer management, staff management, accounting, or project management. The purpose of an SMS is to collect, store, manage and interpret data of the organizations, to make the work process easier and faster. SMS software has been creating a strong influence for the past few years, the reason being schools, colleges, and universities collect a ton of data about students, staff, alumni, fees, lesson plans, or similar assets every year and SMS helps them to use the collected data in the most efficient way.

School Portal=> School portal on the other hand is a page created, hosted, and managed by the school's administration to provide students and teachers access to different information like academic courses, their performance, attendance, exam schedules, and similar details. Each student and staff are provided a username and a password for authentication.

Now that we have familiar with the terms School Management System and School Portal, let us see their differences:

School Management System

  • School Management System is a vast software used to manage the day-to-day activities of the school such as staff and student management, accounting, and performance chart.

  • School Management System is a vast software used to manage the day-to-day activities of the school such as staff and student management, accounting, and performance chart.

  • The School Management System maintains the record of students, staff, alumni, and parents. It contains a chart of the performance of students, staff, and the school. It also has records of every transition and day-to-day activities.

  • It provides real-time analysis of performance and details of the school.

  • The prime user of the School Management System is the admiration of the school.

  • Institute management is the main purpose of the School Management System.

  • The School Management System is the gateway to managing the school.

  • It’s all about reports, the main goal is the system is to produce reports on the performance of the different departments of the school.

  • A school portal can be implemented in School Management systems.

  • Some examples of School Management systems are PowerSchool SIS, Gradelink, and Fedena.

School Portal

  • School Portal is a small scaled web-based application that is used to give access to study material, exam schedules, academic courses, attendance, and similar details to students.

  • Whereas the prime purpose of a School Portal is to serve as an online hub for students, teachers, alumni, parents, and the public as well.

  • The school portal contains study materials like E-books, videos, paper, E-journal, and library tools. It also has charts of the performance and attendance of students. It also maintains the exam and activity schedule.

  • Whereas a school portal system is inadequate for that.

  • Whereas the prime users of a School Portal are students and teachers.

  • Connectivity between students and the school is the prime goal of the school portal.

  • And on the other hand, School Portal is the gateway to the learning management system.

  • It is about providing an optimal method of learning to students.

  • School Management systems cannot be used in school portals.

  • AKTU student Portal is one example of a School Portal.

In conclusion, School Management systems and school portals both provide benefits of their own. And to digitize one school it is important to implement both.


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