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Student Attendance Management System – Significance and benefits

An important part of being a teacher is to track attendance of students. However, this is time consuming and reduces the teaching duration as well as teacher’s productivity. Therefore, to eliminate such tasks and enhance productivity, educational institutes all around the world are implementing the attendance management system.

Attendance management systems track attendance of the students and help teachers maintain class decorum and note student punctuality. Moreover, educational institutes can also prevent ex-students and dropout students from using this management system. Teachers and school principals can understand the average percentage of students attending school each day in a year. If they see a reduction in attendance, they can formulate rules and regulations to encourage students to attend classes and complete their education.

Student Attendance Management System – Significance and benefits
Student Attendance Management System – Significance and benefits

Following are the challenges and difficulties faced by teachers while manually recording attendance:

  1. Reduction in classroom teaching time

  2. Reduction in productivity

  3. The repetitive task before the start of each class

  4. Possibility of errors while marking attendance

  5. Possibility of manipulation by students

Attendance management systems can reduce errors and provide real-time attendance tracking systems to education institutions.

What is Student Attendance Management System?

It is software that tracks the student attendance digitally and eliminates the requirement for manual attendance recording. It enables teachers to record attendance in a few clicks. Moreover, educational institutes can track faculty attendance through this software. As a result, school administration gets accurate information on teacher-student attendance. Moreover, recording attendance digitally is easy and removes repetitive work from the school system.

Benefits of Attendance Management System

The attendance management system offers various advantages to teachers and students. Now teachers can digitally record attendance.

Below are some of the major benefits of attendance management system.

  1. Attendance tracker

Teachers do not have to call out names and mark attendance manually. Now, the attendance management system takes care of such tasks. As a result, teachers can save a lot of time and invest that time in teaching and enhancing productivity. Besides recording student and teacher attendance, this system can maintain records for administrative purposes. School admins can use the attendance management system to maintain and track leave applications, arrival and departure times.

  1. No proxy attendance

This is a huge issue with manual attendance recording where students can easily manipulate attendance. Proxy attendance is a great way to manipulate the attendance system. Higher grade students can easily trick their teachers and provide false information on their or their friend’s attendance. Fortunately, attendance management systems can eliminate proxies or tampering with records. Moreover, such systems compel students to remain punctual.

  1. Attendance notification to parents

The system notes absenteeism and punctuality. It uses biometric data to capture attendance in real-time. If a student does not attend the class, the system sends an instant notification to parents. Parents can access the notification through the school management app or their email id.

  1. Improved security

This system ensures that only authorized faculty and students are allowed to enter the campus premises. Attendance management system improves security on the school campus. This system provides assurance to parents as they don’t need to worry about their ward’s security.

  1. Statistics tracking

School administration can download attendance reports to make better decisions and anslyse the statistic of class attendance and dropouts.

  1. Leave management

The system also allows the school/college administration to track the leaves taken by the faulty. They can permit, reject or extend the leave application.

  1. Session details

School administration can use analytics to know teachers' and students' details like the number of sessions attended, absence details, and overtime. Further, the graphical reports will help analyse the statistics better and implement effective decision-making.

  1. Reduced administrative workload

The attendance management system eliminates workload for the administration. Additionally, it eliminates the need to track attendance manually.

  1. Cost-effective

In addition to recording student attendance, the system also records the attendance of teachers conducting lectures. As the attendance recording becomes automated, it controls the costs incurred on non-required aspects. For example, institutions can save costs of registers and other stationery items for recording manual attendance.

Why is Attendance Management System required?

The attendance management system has become an integral part of every educational institution. Here are a few tasks that the attendance management system can perform easily.

  1. Keep a track of students’ attendance

  2. Track teachers’ attendance

  3. Marks present or absent

  4. Recording the start and end time of a task

  5. Report generation

  6. Checking the attendance status from various devices

Attendance management has been an important part of ERP software. Schools and other educational institutions must try this system to understand its importance and how it can reduce their workload. The above-mentioned are some advantages of using an attendance management system. This system is extremely significant for every stakeholder in the educational organization. The attendance management system gives equal benefits to teachers, students, parents, and school administrators.


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