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The need for ERP in educational institutions

Technology is constantly changing, and it is changing for the better. It has significantly impacted our life by improving lifestyles. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of education is highly affected by technology, and technology has been extremely beneficial in education. Educators, teachers, and mentors must adapt to such technological progress to keep up with the changing technology and the world. The impact of technology on education can be observed and felt in every aspect of learning.

The shift from traditional book-based learning to technological incorporation is gradual but steady. New technological advancements are being used in educational institutions for teaching, learning, and administration. For successful teaching and learning experiences, the academic sphere relies on cutting-edge technology. This shift to online mode was difficult for both the teachers and students alike. But, one thing that made the process smoother for the students and teachers is technology.

In this blog, we will take you through the important aspects of School Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software which extremely handy for educational institutions.

The need for ERP in educational institutions
The need for ERP in educational institutions
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software

Educational institutions now consist of software that brings all the academic and operational works of all departments of the institution, including daily trivial activities. Various educational institutes implement institute ERP software to manage and control their ongoing activities. The software lessens the administrative and non-administrative workload and helps them focus on their core activity of providing quality education. School ERP software provides a comprehensive solution for educational institutions. It reduces manual efforts by automating the processes.

It reduces manual efforts by automating the processes. The software can take care of new admission, inventory and hostel management, student and employee information, and lots more from one place. It improves communication between parents and the institute by informing them of all real-time activities such as attendance records and upcoming school events.

Importance of ERP in educational institutes
  • Tracking attendance

Teachers do not have to call out names and mark attendance manually. Now, ERP can manage and takes care of such tasks. As a result, teachers can save a lot of time and invest that time in teaching and enhancing productivity. Besides recording student and teacher attendance, this system can maintain records for administrative purposes. School administration can use the ERP to maintain and track leave applications, arrival and departure times.

  • Accessibility

In recent times, the accessibility is extremely important from the viewpoint of teaching and learning, remote access is a critical aspect. The remote access function in ERP will allow students to take class notes after the class concludes. This way they will be able to learn at their own pace and have a more focused approach towards understanding the topics. They will understand and carry out effective note-taking. This feature will help teachers to track the students' progress at home. Parents can use the parent portal in the system to conveniently communicate and receive periodic updates on their child's performance and progress reports.

  • Fee tracking

ERP software allows the educational institutions to manage fees related aspects. Through this software, fees management has become digital. This also enables the schools to notify parents on late fee submission and allows multiple payment options to pay the fee. For example, parents can use cards, wallets, and online payment systems to pay the fee. With ERP, fees management has become easier.

  • Employee salary management

The software is effective for monitoring employee attendance and salary related aspects. Instead of using other technologies to keep track of data and process employee salaries on a monthly basis, educational institutions can use ERP to store and manage employee salaries and other records.

Advantages of ERP software in educational institutions

With a shift in lifestyle from offline to online, parents and student finding comfort in the online classes. Educational institutions are ready to become smart and serve better in this dynamic environment. However, these changes are better adapted by adopting ERP software.

Here are some of the benefits that ERP provides to schools.
  • Facilitates teacher-student communication

With this system, teachers can now interact and clarify student doubts outside of the classroom. ERP gives freedom to both teachers and students to interact beyond the class and resolve the issues or doubts. This feature is extremely beneficial to the students since it allows them to get all of their questions answered personally and progress to the next topic.

  • Facilitates teacher-parent communication

This software enables parents to communicate with the teachers even if they are working parents. Even though they don't have time to frequently visit schools and learn about their child's progress, they can view their child's credentials and speak with the teacher about their ward through the ERP from the comfort of their own home. As a result, communication and transparency between parents and teachers also improve.

  • Data security

The ERP system help the teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders to access data in real-time. They know exactly what is happening within the school premises. Additionally, the data is store safely and securely reducing the chances of data being lost.

  • Time and cost-effective

Using the ERP system effectively can save money on everything from paper to storage space for an institution. It also allows saving expenditure in communication because it is now not required for the school authorities or teachers to call the parents regarding school information. In addition, teachers can get rid of monotonous and tiresome manual tasks by adopting ERP software. However, they require proper training before starting their work on this software.


ERP software is extremely important for educational institutes. These are some of the significant advantages offered by school ERP software. With the help of ERP, schools can be digitalized.


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