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Top 6 Teacher-Friendly Websites

Not only for students, but also for teachers, having access to the proper information is critical. They can, fortunately, access a wide range of information through a variety of online and offline learning options. There are a plethora of websites dedicated solely to them. They can utilise such resources to learn more about reading science.

If you are a teacher seeking for useful learning resources, the websites listed below can assist you.

Top 6 Teacher-Friendly Websites
Top 6 Teacher-Friendly Websites

Teachers' Reading Websites

Reading List for School

This website is edited and approved by a small group of book-loving librarians, English instructors, and parents. The website can serve as a resource for teachers looking for information a variety of educational resources for pupils of all ages They can also use the website to read book reviews and choose whether novels are appropriate for which pupils. There are numerous categories for students and teachers on the School Reading List. This website also allows schools to purchase books in bulk.

Reading Rockets are a team that specialises in reading

Reading Rockets is a public media literacy effort that provides information and tools on children's development and growth. It also informs readers on how young children learn and read, as well as how adults can assist them. Teachers, administrators, parents, and anybody else who is assisting a youngster in becoming an adult will find the website useful. This website can assist teachers with classroom tactics and the fundamentals of reading categories. Reading Rockets is a research-based programme that helps students improve their reading skills Teachers can benefit from blogs and strategies.

On Literacy, Shanahan

Timothy Shanahan, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, founded this website. He was the founding director of the UIC Centre for Literacy during his professional career. He has discussed a variety of topics of reading and voiced his opinions on the subject. Teachers will find his website to be a helpful resource. The blogs assist them in understanding how they may contribute to their kids' overall achievement.

Oxford University Press

Read Oxford is an Oxford University website that assists teachers and parents in understanding students' learning processes. There are sections for kids, parents, teachers, and school officials on the website. Furthermore, it is a collaboration between the departments of Language and Cognitive Development The department's goal is to combine research and reading to help students develop holistically. This website can help teachers learn how to help kids improve their vocabulary, understanding, and communication abilities. Furthermore, it discusses concerns such as dyslexia and how it affects kids.

The Open University's Research-Informed Pedagogies

Learning resources from various bloggers, advice reports and books, and reading studies are all available on the website. Furthermore, there is a part on the website dedicated to instructors' reading groups. Teachers are welcome to join the groups in order to have a better understanding of child development. For educators, librarians, and reading volunteers, the website provides evidence-based CPD. The goal is to make readers realise how important it is to read for enjoyment.

Teachers app

Teachers app publishes blogs on a variety of themes relevant to teachers, students, and education

, parents, and school administration Teachers can read the blogs to learn about the best practises for creating a productive learning environment in the classroom. They can also seek advice on how to improve their kids' performance. Teachers app is an excellent resource that covers a wide range of topics.

Teachers must also prepare properly before presenting lectures in order to provide the greatest instruction to pupils. The websites listed above provide useful information and assist them in broadening their horizons. These websites can help them increase their productivity and motivate students to do better. Reading blogs and other great learning materials also aids them in understanding the concerns that their pupils may have.


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