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Ways to increase your income as a School Teacher


Everyone holds the capability to teach. A teacher is simply someone who teaches. There's a myth that being a teacher is easy. It's one of the most challenging roles to fulfil. A teacher doesn't just impart knowledge but shape an individual and have a profound effect on their life. However, a school teacher has a more specific role - a school teacher is someone who teaches at the primary, secondary, or higher secondary level. Just like the designations, the salaries of teachers are also different according to their experience, which level they are teaching at, and depending on the type of school they are teaching in.

Due to this difference in income, in such a situation, teachers need to know what they can do to supplement their income. There are numerous ways to add to the existing income and the only difference here is that the teacher will get to decide what they can do to earn it and have an estimate as to how much they can make doing it.

Ways to increase your income as a School Teacher
Ways to increase your income as a School Teacher

In this blog, we will tell you different ways earning extra as a teacher and supplementing your income.

Being a tuition teacher

To enhance your income as a school teacher, you can turn to private tuitions. This is the most obvious and a very easy-to-setup way to aid to your income. Private tuitions not only aid in the income but also provides as a means for backup plan in case of job termination or shifting schools. Teachers can take online or offline classes for students, either at home or at a separate institution. Private tuitions can be conducted for a group of students of the same age group or different age groups, and they can also be for a single student. With private tuition, there is less time boundaries since classes can be taken according to the teacher’s as well as the student’s convenience. Some teachers go out of their way to teach only teach one student at a time because they can focus on them specifically. Additionally, it pays more. In many case, the parents or student might demand that the teacher come to their place because they are paying more.

Teacher trainer

A teacher trainer trains the new formed teachers for effectively fulfillment of their roles. There many novice teachers out there who do not entirely know about how to manage a classroom, how to plan their lessons, how to engage students, how to increase classroom interaction, or how to deal with the different problems that arises in a classroom. As a trainer, you will have several years of experience as a teacher and will know the requirements for a classroom. You can use that to your advantage and become a teacher coach. Since training is more strenuous, you can charge more for it.

Lesson plan selling

A teacher can sell their lesson plans to other teachers teaching the same subject. It can be sold in the form of e-book or e-notes. A lesson plan is a set of instructions that teachers create for themselves so that they can teach a particular class with ease. Lesson plans are usually very personal and structured since they are written by and therefore created specifically for that particular teacher’s lesson. They are also subject-specific because more often than not, a school teacher teaches only one particular subject. Teachers can also create templates for lesson plans that are more generic and earn more by selling them together as a bundle.

Syllabus creator

A syllabus requires a careful attention to students’ needs and requirements. A syllabus designer translates student training and development needs into educational courses. The responsibilities of such a job holder include selecting the right instructional lessons, accurate practical classes, defining apt time frames, and preparing training materials in either or both physical as well as digital formats. If you have experience in structuring educational programs and are familiar with classroom-style as well as web-based courses, this is a great job for additional income.

Paper evaluator

This is one of the best ways to make money as a school teacher. School teachers have the necessary requirement and experience in grading answer scripts. Through this job, they can evaluate papers of other institutions in their expert field for a fee. There are companies that outsource the job of grading answer sheets to school teachers by making use of standardized tests as a guide. The teachers can earn on hourly basis in this job, which is usually a good amount considering that there is no need for any skill acquisition for this. All the teacher would need is a reliable internet connection and a decently performing personal computer to progress with grading, and of course, the time to commit to the job.

Admin work

This job is particularly suitable for school teachers who are interested in planning activities. A typical admin support role includes working with an individual or company to manage their emails, work calendar, arranging and scheduling, booking engagements, and might also include other administrative work.


A school teacher who plans their lessons well ahead of time and always stays well ahead of deadlines will find a perfect supplementary income generating option. So, if you are a teacher who is looking for ways to earn some extra bucks, these jobs can definitely help you. There are several websites that offer long-term additional job roles to school teachers who are willing to work from home, which will be the ideal setup. It is extremely important to note that the work you take up should be something you enjoy, because otherwise you will eventually grow to find it a burden and detest it. Take your decision with care and careful consideration.


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