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What is the best teacher app? Benefits, Uses and more.

Smartphones are hitting the world and almost everyone has access to them. People mainly use apps on smartphones. There are apps for almost every need, entertainment, shopping, finance, food delivery, etc.

All industries use mobile apps and there is no difference between the education sector. According to the Statista portal, education programs are the third most popular program among users, with a ratio of 8.5%. Programs are a great way to improve your school & institute. Also, use technology to drive student progress.

The popularity of the school app can be attributed to the fact that it offers many benefits not only to school administrators and students, but also to teachers.

So, what is the best teacher app for teaching enthusiasts? We believe that the Teacher App by Bodhi AI is the answer to this question.

What is the best teacher app? Benefits, Uses and more.
What is the best teacher app? Benefits, Uses and more.

Why is the Bodhi AI app the best Teacher App?

Here are ways Bodhi AI Teacher app can make teachers' lives easier:

Bodhi AI Teacher App is “your” app

The moment in which you will create your teacher ID on this app, at that moment it will be your personal app. Now you can share the link of your app to students to join your course or you can just add students directly from the app according to your course.

Facilitates the participation process

Those days are gone when teachers had to manually mark attendance on file. Not only is this process complicated for the teacher, but it also takes a considerable amount of time which can be used to focus on the students. With our app, teachers can mark their online attendance at a glance. This makes it the best Teacher App without a doubt.

You can make a report for Alumni

The program generates attendance reports for each student and class reports together. Teachers can often easily access students who frequently pass school. This is difficult when the frequency is created manually.

Access to Verified Data and Management of the same

There are many classroom apps available, what makes the Teacher App by Bodhi AI the best teacher app? Well, in addition to the points mentioned above, one major USP is that we facilitate convenient and sorted access to the student database and connect you to your audience. You will not need to go through long lists from other sources In this way, teachers can use the time saved through automation to focus more on students rather than completing formal tasks. It also helps to reduce the workload of the teacher.

Seamless communication

It will be very difficult for teachers if parents do not communicate with them regularly. Due to their busy schedules, parents find it difficult to attend parent-teacher meetings. Our Teacher app helps teachers easily connect with parents from a single platform. Teachers no longer have to look up parental contact information when contacting parents. They can discuss student performance and behavior with their parents while they are away.

Teacher App helps you to be Student Centric

Teachers can create articles, videos, ppt, etc. to share with our best Teacher App to help students better understand a concept. Therefore, students who are not present can also receive the subject matter. Even daily tasks can be sent easily through the app.

School apps, integrated desktop analytics, develop detailed student performance reports. Information on these reports is in the form of pie charts, graphs, and charts. When information is in graphical form, teachers can evaluate reports at a glance.

You can analyze student’s performance

Through student reports, teachers can assess students' standards of achievement. This gives them an idea of ​​whether or not their teaching program is successful.

Share important dates

With the help of this app, you can share important dates with students & parents as well. And displays details of exams, and other important daily events. In addition, it informs parents in advance and is able to support them.

Instead of sending individual messages to parents, teachers can inform parents directly through this app about work and school schedules.


Mobile devices for schools can help teachers help their students succeed. Teachers with school supplies can make more informed decisions than they could if they made their own reports. In this way, school subjects help teachers to manage their daily school and school life effectively. Similarly, teachers can focus on improving teaching and student performance and saving time. Questions, if properly identified, can have a positive impact on the school and everyone involved. So, next time when you think about what is the best teacher app? You know the answer already!


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