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With the help of teacher app you can manage the fees for the students of each batch for that you have to follow these steps—

First login to your teacher app
then click on management and
then swipe and then click on fees management.
Here you can set the fee batch wise so let’s select PCM batch as an example-

—now you can see No fee created so click on create fee to create the fee Type in the fee amount just for an example 2000 you can put any amount which suits you put the duration

and now you can go ahead with EMI option or not EMI option
* if there is no EMI then just click on create option
* but if you want EMI then select EMI option set the number of EMI’s that you want we are taking two as an example

— and then click on create

In this way your fee is created this is the student app so a student can check the fees and then pay it online or offline through the app.

—so for that click on fee/reminders

and then you have to be added to the batch in order to pay the fee

— so, click on the batch and then you can see all the details of the fee is given

*so now click on pay fee you can either pay it offline payment or online payment lets first see what is online payment so click on online payment now here all the details again are given you cab either select the option of EMI if you want to click on it and then just click on pay that is it for online payment.

—Now, coming to offline payment, Here again you can go ahead and select the EMI if you want click on pay and says fees pays successfully you are done with the part.

—now next the teacher gets the notification in their teachers app so here again the teacher will be going to the management and then click on the fee management click on the batch and then here you can see paid fee request fee and pay student fee so you as a teacher can click on pay student fee and then manually pay the fee by click on request fee you can see the fee that the student had paid offline so just click on that and then you will be able to accept the fee once you accepted the fee you can just click on the paid fee and see that this is the amount that is paid and the amount that is remaining and in this way you will be able to manage the fees.


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