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Logical Reasoning Questions For Teaching

Logical Reasoning Questions For Teaching
Logical Reasoning Questions For Teaching

Logic is the science of reasoning, proof, thinking or inference (according to the Oxford Compact English Dictionary). It is the ability to reason that is central to logical thinking. It is one of the most important skills to teach in elementary grades because it is a foundational critical thinking skill. Logical reasoning encourages students to think for themselves, experiment, and even ask the big, out-of-the-box questions. Questions are an amazing part of our life. The system of questions starts since we enter the arena of childhood. Well, teachers are all meant who tell us about the same.

From our childhood all the curiosity, built inside our mind and questions, we seek answer for are served to our teachers without a second thought. It's our teachers who answers them and let us think bigger and teach us to strengthen up our critical thinking skills . Logical questions are way more enjoyable to solve if included in the hours. Some of my the best logical reasoning includes Magic Squares, Sudoku, Analogies, Matrix logic puzzles etc.

Before entering to the logical reasoning questions, we firstly need to know basic types of logical reasoning. Here we go

Types of Logical Reasoning

•Verbal Questions: understanding and reasoning using concepts framed in words, this kind of reasoning can be solved verbally and without using pen and paper.

•Non- Verbal Reasoning: Non-verbal reasoning helps measure the ability to analyze and solve problems expressed in non-verbal sequences like numbers, letters, figures, etc. This method involves understanding the induction and deduction of logic in a given problem and extracting relevant information. This includes other types of reasoning as well. Here goes a brief list.

•• Alphanumeric series: As the name suggests, Alpha-numeric, a series which is formed by combining both alphabets and numbers is called an alphanumeric series.

••Image-Based Questions : Mirror images or deformed images may be given and asked to find similar or dissimilar figures.

••Puzzle : This variety of questions covers a major part of the logical reasoning. These formats include Floor-based Puzzle, Tabular Puzzles, Miscellaneous Puzzle etc.

••Analogy : In questions related to Analogy in reasoning, options are given, which may or may not be associated with each other and candidates need to find the odd option out.

••Coding : One has to decode a code given in the question and answer them accordingly.

••Syllogism : The word syllogism is derived from the Greek word “syllogismos” which means “conclusion, inference”. Syllogisms are a logical argument of statements using deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion.

There are a lot of other topics covered in Logical Reasoning. Only a few are listed above.

Now to introduce the logical reasoning questions for the teachers, presenting you some of the best logical questions for teachers.

Best Logical Questions For Teaching

1. The first question that comes to mind is "Who Am I". This question is quite common and is actually an amazing interaction between two people, which guides them to a great relationship.

2.Ask “why?” frequently. Teach your students to think for themselves, and not always accept everything they hear at face value. Help them learn how to apply reasoning and proof to their thinking. Answering “why” questions will help students think through the logic they used to solve a problem or come to a conclusion.

3. Another question related to 'number series', i.e, Look at this series: 12, 11, 13, 12, 14, 13, … What number should come next?

A. 10

B. 16

C. 13

D. 15

Answer: Option D. This is an alternating number of subtraction series. First, 1 is subtracted, then 2 is added.

4. Another question from topic 'Analogies', i.e, Paw : Cat :: Hoof : ?

A. Lamb

B. Horse

C. Elephant

D. Tiger

Answer: B. Horse. Cat’s feet are called paws and horse’s are called hoofs.

5. Another logical question regarding 'verbal reasoning' is Which word is the odd man out?

A. trivial

B. unimportant

C. important

D. insignificant

Answer: C. Important. Remaining are synonyms of each other

6. One more logical question can be related to 'syllogism'. which is

Statement: Statements: No panda is a dog. Some pandas are crow. All dogs are animals.


i. Some dogs are crow.

ii. Some crow are pandas.

iii. Some animals are not pandas.

Which conclusion is true?

Solution: From the Venn diagram we get,

i. Some dog are crow → False (No direct relation given hence, false)

ii. Some crow are panda → True (Some panda are crow hence, some crow are panda is true)

iii. Some animals are not pandas → True (All dogs are animals and No dog is a panda. so those animals which are dog can never be panda hence, true)

Thus, only conclusion II and III follow

7. An example of 'puzzle' based reasoning is -

There are four girls- A, B, C and D. A is taller than B, who is shorter than D. A is shorter than D and D is not the tallest. Arrange the sequence in descending order of height.

Solution: The given sequence becomes: C > D > A > B (Where we have used the initials for all the names)

So, this is a short list of some of the best logical questions. There are so many other types of Logical Reasoning Questions, which can be used by teachers to help students upgrade their thinking ability.


Including logical question in daily classes may make classes more fun and enjoyable. But with a greater perspective, the critical thinking ability may influence a student to naturally approach every day decision with more logical sight. A daily practice of logical reasoning can shape and strengthen up young minds to solve real world problems more easily. So teachers must include this types of reasoning questions to engage students with easy hands and empower them with the ability to take what information they are given and build upon it.


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