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Vivek Kumar Mishra, Story of a teacher, showing the path in dark


Just a year ago, the routine lives of us took almost 180° turn due to COVID-19. This impacted us in a way we could never imagine of. Mostly the educational system got severely disrupted. Traditional face to face teaching process was stopped, as a result teaching and learning took a long pause. But how could a teacher let his student's future get affected? There comes teacher like Vivek sir. With full passion and determination Vivek sir found a solution. He found online teaching as a rescue.

The growing number of online classes is creating a demand for teachers. Is it a good move to follow the shift on the digitalization of classes? Let's hear to Vivek sir's story and decide.

Vivek Kumar Mishra, by profession a teacher, had a normal life as any other teacher before the pandemic. But as soon as the pandemic hit the world, Vivek sir's classes came to a halt due to the imposed lockdown guidelines along with increasing no. of COVID cases. With a heavy heart Vivek started worrying about the future of education. With a dilemma in mind Vivek sir decided to shift his coaching online. But proving his dilemma wrong, this decision became the biggest turning point of his life. Although shifting online was no less than a challenge to him.

Vivek sir started his career in teaching with only a few students in 2009. But with great skills of teaching and creating amazing bond with students, he set up an example for other teachers. Within a very short time he achieved a notable popularity in his locality. In 2013, he set up an institution named 'Virat IAS'. With scientifically proven methods of teaching Vivek sir started teaching students, and as a result many of his students got success. So many aspirants got influenced by his incredible teaching techniques. Vivek sir became students' icon. In 2018, on public demand, Vivek sir started his own YouTube channel, and started teaching on YouTube too. But his growing career suddenly stopped its wheels in 2020. Vivek sir decided to shift his whole institute online. But YouTube was not a proper choice. And then Vivek sir got to know about Bodhi AI with the help of YouTube add. Initially he felt a bit confused with the process of earning, online teaching, managing the over-all process, but after getting connected with Bodhi AI all his confusion got vanished. His all problems got solved. He started his online coaching institute with his own brand name 'LEARNING MANTRA PRAYAGRAJ'. His institute reached a large number of students. His online coaching received an amazing response from students. Now Vivek sir teaches Tgt/pgt/gic/lt...etc political science and geography. Now Vivek sir does not only teach local students but also students from every corner of India. Vivek sir said "During the Covid-19 in the year 2020, the need for a platform for online teaching was felt which could provide online classes. My search is over with Bodhi AI." The appreciation he received from students became his inspiration. Now Vivek sir has more than 450 students in his online coaching institute.

Vivek sir is one of those teachers who think for their students first. He is a kind of who not only thinks but also acts. He created his own path, and became successful. Vivek sir set an example for every teacher. He taught us how to keep moving when all paths are closed. Thank you, Vivek Sir for keep inspiring the students and us.


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