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Providing Online Coaching Through Teacher App

Providing Online Coaching Through Teacher App
Providing Online Coaching Through Teacher App

“I belong from the place named Jaipur, Rajasthan, and I am currently providing coaching for SSC, bank, railway and all other competitive exams. I have taught my fellow classmates and have been teaching other students interested in the subjects mentioned. Some of the students I teach do not belong to well-to-do families. However, education is a basic right. I wanted the students to continue their learning journey and hence, started teaching. I charge only a minimal fee. I believe education can positively change the world and impact a person's life. This motivates me to continue teaching and helping students learn", says Khusboo ma’am, a teacher teaching SSC, bank, railway and all other competitive exams from Jaipur, Rajasthan.

In this article, we are sharing with you the story of Mrs Khusboo, a dedicated and inspiring teacher from Jaipur. Although she is from a small place, she never let that be a barrier in her learning. She is extremely passionate about the subject as well as teaching the subject. She is an expert in her field and has trained many students to achieve high results. Along with teaching SSC, bank, railway and all other competitive exams, she also provides spoken English classes to students. She is extremely hard-working in teaching and helping the students. The time and efforts she put into her tasks are visible and appreciated. We appreciate her for acing whichever work is assigned to her.

When she finally decided to help students, especially the less fortunate ones, she began searching for ways to execute her vision. She was set on charging low and providing a fruitful class from the start. To accomplish this, she looked for free teaching resources and platforms. That is when she came across Teacher App. The app offered her everything she required to teach her students at free of cost. She was thoroughly impressed by the features it contained (uploading notes, live classes, uploading videos, video conference and many more) and decided to start her new teaching journey with Teacher App. She began teaching on Teacher App a while ago and has been associated with the app ever since. What she loves about the app are its features and customer support team.

Here’s what she has to say about the app, “I wanted to provide high quality education to the students free of cost, and for the same, I required pocket-friendly or free resources. And when I came across Teacher App, I found the perfect match. The app offers top-notch features like online tests, automated attendance, fee collection, whiteboard, live class recording, etc., free of cost. Name it, and the Teacher App has the feature required for online teaching. I have also received immense support from their team whenever needed. I find the app very easy to use, and I would highly recommend the app to all online educators.”

She believes that educating young minds is a way to serve the nation. With the transition to online education, teachers often find it challenging. Teacher App is here to ease that transition and help you continue or start your teaching career in an online mode. The app is completely free for download from the Play Store for any teacher. It transforms your educational institute into an online space. It provides features like live classes, uploading videos, fee management, conducting tests, recording classes, whiteboard and many more.

May she succeed in her goals and make this world a better place by being the wonderful teacher that she is. We wish her all the best for all her endeavours. Thank you for choosing Teacher App and us to be a part of your wonderful journey Khusboo ma’am.


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